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How Super Bowl 45 led to a life-saving health care technology

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/17 2:01A Korri Kezar
While an ice storm didn’t freeze out fans from Super Bowl 45, held in 2011 at Cowboys Stadium, the Pittsburgh Steelers and local hospitals saw big losses. Though the Steelers would later win other games, North Texas medical providers were facing...

?Workplace AED program goes beyond buying the life-saving device

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/16 9:03P Jennifer Stroschein
According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 61 million Americans have cardiovascular disease, resulting in approximately one million deaths per year. Up to 400,000 of these deaths are due to sudden cardiac arrest. Automated...

Drug industry faces 'tidal wave' of litigation over opioid crisis

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/11 6:11A By David Crow in New York
The snowballing litigation comes as President Donald Trump has pledged to officially declare the opioid crisis a national emergency in a move that would allow Washington to direct funds to affected communities.

Science: Even animals respond to eclipses

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/10 3:45A Anne Stych
Altered behavior. The total eclipse that will cross North America Aug. 21 has already affected human behavior, spurring people to buy viewing glasses by the millions and reserve every hotel room in its path. But will animal behavior be altered by...

Mayo Clinic named America's best hospital by U.S. News & World Report

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/7 6:01P Jeff Jeffrey
The Mayo Clinic has been named the nation's best hospital by U.S. News & World Report, which this morning unveiled its annual ranking of the country’s medical centers. It's the second consecutive year the Rochester, Minnesota-based property...

Science: Teen pregnancy prevention funding cut

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/4 3:45A Anne Stych
Funds cut. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it will end funding for an Obama-era teen pregnancy prevention program two years early, with more than 80 organizations losing nearly $214 million in grants. The program,...

Health care: No quick decision on cutting subsidies

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/3 3:00A Anne Stych
Don't expect President Donald Trump to decide whether cost-sharing subsidies to insurance companies will be eliminated any time soon, White House officials say. Although Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said the President would make a decision this...

Health care staffing firm to move its headquarters to Cypress Waters

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/2 8:51A Candace Carlisle
The Delta Companies, a health care staffing firm, plans to move its corporate headquarters to Cypress Waters, which will put the company in closer proximity to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The firm has signed a lease for 38,000 square...

Science: FTC warns not all eclipse glasses are safe

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/2 4:44A Anne Stych
Safe viewing. If you’re planning to watch the solar eclipse Aug. 21, you’re probably aware that you need special glasses for safe viewing. There are lots of products to choose from, but the Federal Trade Commission warns that not all of the...

Health care: Latest proposal - pass it on

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/2 3:29A
Pass it down. After multiple attempts to pass a national health care plan failed last week, three Republican senators have proposed a plan that would make states responsible for developing their own health care systems, funded by federal block...

Theranos settles suit with former partner Walgreens

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/2 12:40A By David Crow and Jessica Dye in
For Theranos, the settlement represents a major step in its attempts to deal with civil litigation arising from the collapse of its laboratory business that has since been banned from working in the blood testing industry for two years.

?How a holistic approach helped with a real pain

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/1 9:00P Clifford Jones
To start, I offer here a disclaimer and state that the advice that I suggest in this column does not circumvent the advice of a physician. I’m sure that the same treatment they suggested to me will also be suggested to you, as appropriate —...

Health care: Senators want to move on

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 8/1 3:55A Anne Stych
Moving on. Republican senators appear ready to move on from health care to tax reform after repeated failed efforts to change, repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said there was “too...
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