The Best Places to Snap Great Family Photos This Fall

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/17 11:00A Riley Heruska
Trying to take good family photos during the summer is nearly impossible. Everyone's a sweaty mess, and the mosquitos and humidity leave everyone looking pained during the experience.  Thankfully,...

Keep Dreams Alive With Trinity River Mission

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/17 7:00A Christine Rogers
By: Gloria A. Lopez, Chief Executive Officer, Alumna, Mentor, and Donor of Trinity River Mission  Veterinarian. Chemist. Teacher. Environmental Conservationist. Aerospace Engineer. Nurse. This is just...

DIGS FOR DOGS - CCVB Supports Operation Kindness

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/15 8:33A Julie Price
The Coppell High School volleyball program is teaming up with Operation Kindness, the oldest and largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas, to raise awarene ss of their work and funds for them to...

During Autumn, You Can Pick Fresh Apples at These Local Orchards

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/14 11:00A Riley Heruska
If picking ripe apples is one of the things on your fall bucket list, then you're in luck. Dallas might not have a ton of apple orchards, but there are two places where you can go to pick the fruits...

Change a Life With Traffic 911 This North Texas Giving Day

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/14 7:00A Christine Rogers
Traffick911 serves as Crisis Response and Advocacy Agency for child sex trafficking victims in North Texas. The goal: to change the trajectory of these vulnerable children.  Weve been honored to serve...

The Best Texas Vacations to Take in Autumn

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/14 5:00A Riley Heruska
Unfortunately, the DFW area isn't one of those places where autumn ushers in a rush of golden hues and gorgeous red trees. However, our state is vast, and there are many places nearby that do embody a...

Last Chance to Save on Season Pass Tickets to the State Fair

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/13 7:00A Riley Heruska
Right now, you can snag two season passes (plus 100 food and ride coupons) for $10 cheaper than their original prices. Season combo packages usually run at $115, but if you use the promo code...

Now Is the Best Time to Visit the Animals at Fossil Rim

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/12 10:00A Riley Heruska
Just under two hours away from DFW in the city of Glen Rose lies a wildlife center that's unlike any other in the state. Fossil Rim is one of the world's foremost animal conservation facilities that...

This Year's Musical Events at the State Fair

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/12 8:00A Riley Heruska
In just over two weeks, the famous State Fair of Texas will open its doors on September 28. People from all over the state (and from neighboring states) will flock to the array of fried food, carnival...

Alone We Can Do So Litter; Together, We Can Do So Much

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/12 7:00A Christine Rogers
Helen Keller said, Alone we can do so little; together, we can do so much. Rendered blind and deaf after a childhood illness, Keller was a champion for those with disabilities and continues to be an...

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: Be the One to Help

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/11 9:00A Riley Heruska
The month of September is National Suicide Prevention Month. People are teaming up across the country to advocate for mental health while sharing their time and resources.  The National Suicide...

10 Products to Stock Up on Before Flu Season Hits

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 9/11 6:00A Riley Heruska
I know what you're thinking: it's only the second week of September. Why worry about flu season yet? Well, the CDC is already warning people that we might be in for a nasty flu season . Now is the...
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