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Back To School: What's For Dinner?

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 8/14 6:37A Shelia Huffman
In spite of warm August temperatures, we are only days away from back to school.  That means sports, homework, busier days and that age old question, whats for dinner?  For the rest of August, lets...

George Offers More than Coffee

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 8/8 5:50P Sujal Manohar
George: Coffee + Provisions has quickly gained popularity in Coppell and beyond. The coffee shop offers a variety of beverages and snacks, and is a focal point in the Old Coppell area. However, the...

The Grocery Items You Need to Start Grabbing at Aldi

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 8/2 10:00A Riley Heruska
If you've never heard of Aldi , don't feel bad. Until very recently, many Texans had never taken the time to check out this German-owned grocery store chain. With stores like Trader Joe's and Whole...

George Proves to Be Great Addition to Old Town Coppell

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 7/31 5:36A tanyaraghu_y988868
As I sat in George Coffee Co + Provisions, the restaurant was buzzing with energy, chatter and excitement. People from all ages enjoyed the clean, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere George provides....

Cherry Coconut Chocolate Raw Bar Recipe

Itty Bitty Foodies 7/26 3:35A Cheryl Collett, Itty Bitty Foodi
Cherries are my favorite fruit, says my husband. It s the height of cherry season and we ve been buying them by the bagfuls. The IttyBittyFoodies decided to make their own raw bar version of the...

Frost Cupcakery Never Fails to Deliver

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 7/24 8:29A tanyaraghu_y988868
Dessert is often the finishing touch on a meal, whether, for a holiday, birthday party, graduation or small get together. Since its inception, Frost Cupcakery of Coppell has been making meals special...

Review: New George Coffee Shop Provides Country Chic Atmosphere

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 7/24 2:00A Gracie Blackwell
Old Town Coppell is known for its vintage feel that brings charm to the community. The new addition of George: Coffee + Provisions coffee shop fits right into the character of Old Town. For months...

Poll Result: Coppell's Favorite Burger Joint

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 7/21 10:00A Riley Heruska
A few weeks ago, we asked our Coppell BubbleLife members to tell us where we should go for the best burger in the area. Today, we're announcing the results! And the winner is...  Twisted Root !...

Farmers Market Offers Variety of Fresh, Healthy, Unique Choices

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 7/15 8:36A tanyaraghu_y988868
Whether rain or shine, weather does not deter Coppell residents from fulfilling their Saturday morning farmers market tradition. Each weekend, the market attracts over 1700 customers from Coppell and...

Sneak Peek of New George Coppell Vintage, Artisan Coffeehouse

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 7/15 4:19A tanyaraghu_y988868
George is a name originally derived from Greek, meaning worker of the earth and a perfect title of a coffee shop that emphasizes the importance of sustainable farming and giving back the community....

No-Bake Cookies Your Children Can Help Make

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 7/14 7:00A Riley Heruska
With how hot this summer has been for Texas, it's the perfect time to embrace no-bake cookies that are best served cold. They can be scrumptious and incredibly easy to make, so you and your little...

Easy Spin on Mexican Dish to Satisfy Late Night Summer Cravings

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 7/12 2:00A Gracie Blackwell
For years and years, my family and I have eaten tacos every Monday night, although the way we have always eaten them is the not-so-traditional way. Instead of using regular taco shells or tortillas,...

Vegan Twist on Classic French Toast Favorite

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 7/8 8:19A tanyaraghu_y988868
French toast is a dreamy delicacy that is surprisingly easy to make. The dish is delicious and satisfies a sweet tooth craving even for a vegan or someone trying to be more health conscious or...

Sweet Summer Treat: Easy Recipe for Bread Kulfi

Coppell BubbleLife iReporter 7/7 10:30A AkilaM BubbleLife Intern
If you are looking for a delicious summer treat, try this refreshing Indian ice cream treat that uses a blend of both common ingredients and unusual spices.   Estimated time: 15 min prep and 8 hours...
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