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collegeprocesspic A planner and spreadsheet are essential items to keep track of your progress through the college application process.

As back to school emails start to flood your inbox, schedule pickup date comes closer and signs of summertime disappear, it is hard to comprehend that school starts in less than 3 weeks.


While the first day of school can always seem daunting to all students, rising high school seniors have another anxiety this year: the college admissions process.


As a senior this year myself, I have scoured the internet for advice and talked to students who have gone through the process themselves to get the best tips for the process.


The Common Application to apply to over 700 schools and Apply Texas for Texas public schools opened on August 1. Get a head start and be prepared with these five tips below:


  1. Make a spreadsheet

Use Google Sheets and create a document with columns that include the name of the university, deadlines, whether you are applying regular or early decision, essay prompts and any additional notes. This will serve as your reference guide throughout the process and make sure to update it often.

  1. Talk to teachers over the summer for recommendation letters

Teachers already have a lot on their plate and are incredibly busy at the start of the year. If you haven’t already, talk to one or two teachers, depending on the admission requirements of your schools, and secure a letter of recommendation. At this point in the process, email or schedule a time to meet with your teacher as soon as possible.

  1. Have a planner

Personally, I have a physical planner that I use to track my activities and school assignments through the year. It is also perfect for inputting important dates throughout the process. Planners, whether online or physical, can also help you generally though life and keep you organized. For an online organizational tool, I recommend Wunderlist, a free app that allows you to check off to-dos. I use a physical Bando agenda but also have friends who are very happy with their Passion Planner.

  1. Know each school’s requirements

It is crucial that you use your spreadsheet to keep track of the various necessities of each school’s application. While almost all school require basic items such as standardized test scores, an application fee, resume, transcripts and essays, often more selective school will have supplemental essays that pertain specifically to their school and curriculum. Be aware of these requirements so you will not be surprised as you start to submit your information.

  1. Talk to people who have been through the process

Don’t be shy to reach out to graduated seniors who just went through the process, they were in your shoes just recently. Talk to college students about their experience in a university you are looking into to get a more personal feel. They can also be great resources to read over and edit your personal essays.


I hope these tips will help you as you navigate the waters of the daunting college admissions process. Good luck and I hope all your dreams come true!

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George is thriving in Old Town Coppell and has proved to be a great addition to the city.

As I sat in George Coffee Co + Provisions, the restaurant was buzzing with energy, chatter and excitement.


People from all ages enjoyed the clean, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere George provides. People studying used the closed table space, the booths were available for more privacy and sofas for lounging and interacting with others.


Since I don't usually drink caffeine, the barista recommended a latte. Although it was a hot summer day, I thoroughly enjoyed it indoors. The mocha latte was frothy, rich and had a design made of cream on top, a simple but great last touch.


My friend ordered the iced version of the latte that I also tried. It was a perfect combination of chocolate milk and coffee, reminding me of my childhood favorite drink and also giving me a caffeine boost.


Owner Christian Hemberger interacted with guests and staff members, evidence of George’s commitment to creating a family atmosphere.


Since its soft opening, on July 18, customers have expressed their satisfaction and excitement about the coffee shop through social media and the shop did not disappoint.


In addition, the shop now has kombucha drinks, a fermented tea, yogurt drinks, bottled juices and fruit boxes available for purchase.


The coffee shop has been a hit in Coppell and a perfect fit for Old Town Coppell.


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Frost has a wide variety of sizes, flavors and personalization for custom orders.

Dessert is often the finishing touch on a meal, whether, for a holiday, birthday party, graduation or small get together.


Since its inception, Frost Cupcakery of Coppell has been making meals special with fresh, delicious cupcakes made with only the best ingredients.


The quaint building, Frost has a small-town feel and sits in the heart of Old Town; it is located at 717 Main Street Coppell, TX.


In 2015, Frost received the coveted “Golden Fork Award” from the annual Coppell Chamber of Commerce “Taste of Coppell” event.


In years previous in 2014 and 2015, it has also won the “best dessert” award at the event.


While the store is filled with ready made cakes, cake pops, ice cream, cookies and cupcakes to pick and go, custom orders are also welcome.


The diverse menu features cake balls, cheesecakes, pies, shakes, ice cream cookies, brownies, bars and sweet breads in-store.


Unique cupcake and cake flavors include boston cream, chocolate-mint, chocolate salted caramel, coconut, peanut butter & jelly, pumpkin spice and wedding cake.


Cakes are customizable with a large range of sizes: 6”, 9”, 12”, 14” and 16”.


In addition, Frost offers cupcake decorating parties for up to 48 guests that include cleanup and setup.


The business also boasts catering over 1,500 cupcakes for a large corporate event and is capable of catering to large-scale events or one surprise someone special.


Take a picture with your treat at Frost and tag us in it! 

Which Frost cupcake flavor do you like the best?
You are encouraged to vote and also add your comments.
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Recently, Coppell Mayor Karen Hunt issued a call to action for residents to contact their state lawmakers.

During the week of July 10, Coppell Mayor Karen Hunt issued a city wide call to action through her column that was published in notable news outlets including the Citizens’ Advocate and Coppell Gazette.

Hunt emphasizes the potential interference from State government that residents should be wary and watchful of. The decisions during the upcoming Texas Legislature special session could especially alter the City’s “Vision 2030”, the growth of property taxes and hinder local spending.

Below is Coppell Mayor Karen’s column, “The legislature and local budgets”.

The Texas Legislature entered in to Special Session on July 18, and cities across Texas are bracing against the state’s efforts to takeover decision making at the local level.

As a matter of timing, your City Council and I have also begun holding budget workshops to discuss various issues and items for consideration in the upcoming fiscal year. Budget workshops are intended for the City Council to review projects, priorities and potential plans for the upcoming fiscal year and take public input regarding what the community would like to see in their city.

The state’s effort to centralize power over Texas cities would detrimentally impact our budget and financing ability without providing any real tax relief for our citizens. Over the years, city councils have worked to responsibly maintain the assets that make Coppell a Community of Choice.

From reconstructing aging roadways, sewer and water lines to redeveloping park facilities and working with community groups on special projects, elected and appointed officials invest in our city to ensure Coppell remains one of the most desirable places to live in the DFW Metroplex.

In 2017, based on the average home value in Coppell, property taxes paid by the homeowner totaled approximately $165 per month. For those dollars, Coppell residents receive emergency lifesaving services, cultural and recreational opportunities, well maintained roads, sidewalks and trails, parks and open spaces, various public facilities to enjoy, and a beautiful community with a high standard of maintenance and care.

Coppell citizens receive a tremendous amount of high value services for the city taxes paid.

Consider this: Coppell home, property and commercial values have increased steadily over the years, and as a result the City Council has lowered property tax rates for the past five years. Taxes paid by the average homeowner in Coppell have increased $73 over the past seven years. Thanks to conservative financial practices, Coppell is one of six cities in Texas that holds a AAA Municipal Bond Rating from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

In 2010 the community came together and adopted the Vision 2030 plan. The plan was developed with Coppell citizens who wanted to help guide future city leaders with priorities and a road map for community needs and services. We have a plan for our community and do not want the State limiting what our local elected representatives decide to do to meet the needs and vision of our citizens.

So what can you do? I urge all citizens to contact the two individuals representing us at the State. Ask them to turn their attention toward the real problem – the formula of school funding.

Contact your state lawmakers: State Rep. Matt Rinaldi –, 972-247-8994, 512-463-0468; State Sen. Don Huffines, 214-239-6131; 512-463-0116. 

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Java Me Up is located on 401 Cimarron Trail in Irving.

In the heart of the Valley Ranch community, Java Me Up continues its tradition of being a family owned and operated coffeeshop.


Adjacent to the Irving Public Library, customers can grab a drink and choose to sit in the library, in the outdoors seating or in the coffeeshop itself.


The shop has a cozy interior and boasts a wide array of choices including sandwiches, coffee, smoothies, teas, oatmeal, fruits, breads and pastries.


The seating includes traditional tables and chairs but also a sofa area with a bookshelf and board games.


Since it opens at 7 am everyday, except Sunday, take a morning walk or run along the Irving canal and enjoy the view of the water with a great breakfast on your way out.


Serving customers from all over the Metroplex, next time stop by Java Me Up for a change of scenery, complimented by great drink or dessert.


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Saturday's Coppell Farmers Market featured produce, goods, and other locally sourced items.

Whether rain or shine, weather does not deter Coppell residents from fulfilling their Saturday morning farmers market tradition. Each weekend, the market attracts over 1700 customers from Coppell and nearby cities with almost 45 vendors to choose from.


“The people were friendly and the samples are really nice and good to try. It is especially nice that it is not crowded and the weather's nice,” farmers market attendee Pallavi Nanu said. “They have food fit for various types of people, you could be vegetarian or vegan and be fine.”


Popsicles, pies, tamales, empanadas, spices, herbs, produce, pastas, soaps and more, were available for purchase.


Just over a year ago, a pavillion was specifically constructed for the farmers market, allowing vendors to sell goods outside in tents and also in a covered space.


Unlike the Dallas Farmers Market that charges vendors $50 for a booth, having a space in Coppell is much more reasonable.


Patty Alford has been a fresh produce vendor for four years at the Coppell market and is part of her family-owned farm Alford Farms that is located in Emory, TX.


“The people who run the market are very friendly, helpful, efficient, the price they charge to have booth here is very reasonable,” Alford said. “It’s a very diverse group of people who come here it’s good for vegetable vendors because what one group of people do not enjoy another group of people do.”


Dani Perasell works at Abundantly Aromatic, a small-scale business near Mesquite that has been coming to the Coppell Farmers Market for eight years. The company specializes in soy candles, handmade soaps, salt and sugar scrubs and bath bombs.


Abundantly Aromatic uses a cold process that starts with the fats in shea butter or olive oil that are stirred into lye butter, creating glycerine. Next, essential oils and fragrances are added to the mixture that is poured into a mold that is later cut into individual bars of soap.


“The community that runs it really appreciates the vendors, there’s vendor appreciation day, the rent isn’t crazy,” Perasell said. “The Coppell Farmers Market made a conscious effort to be small, they only let in a certain number of people, it’s very heavily screened and they physically go to the farms to check it out to make sure everything is on the up and up.”


In the last three years, Old Town Coppell has been developed to include a variety of restaurants, coffeehouses, small businesses, homes and the farmers market at its heart.


Coppell Farmers Market Manager Amanda Austin believes that the emphasis on the community gardens, the farmers market and biodiversity education center are factors that make Coppell special.


“There are different communities going on, there’s the customers who use this place as a meeting space to get together with each other but the customers have also built relationships with the vendors,” Austin said.


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George Coffee and Provisions will be opening next week and is located in the heart of Old Town Coppell.

George is a name originally derived from Greek, meaning “worker of the earth” and a perfect title of a coffee shop that emphasizes the importance of sustainable farming and giving back the community.


Coppell’s George Coffee and Provisions is a quaint, white building located in the heart of Old Town. The owners hosted a special event for friends and family of the staff on Friday, July 16.


The building is complimented by a charming collection of vintage furniture and a minimalist, clean interior.


The shop has a variety of seating for customers, including booths, sofas, rooms for quiet studying or reading and even large private rooms that can host up to 60 people.


George’s menu features a variety of lattes, espressos, coffees, teas, frappes and creams in addition to chocolate milk, lemonade, and a specialty hot cocoa.


Owner Christian and Laura Hemberger have lived in Coppell for 13 years and wanted to establish a business that also gives back to the community and essentially the world.


“We’ve lived in Coppell since ‘04 and have really just benefitted from knowing a lot of people and making a lot of friends in town,” said Christian Hemberger said. “When we had the opportunity to do something, we thought, let’s do something [where] we can contribute to the community and that we are passionate about.”


The Hembergers gathered experience in starting a coffee shop as friends of theirs opened up businesses in the Metroplex. Friends of the Hembergers and owners of the Highland Village Edison Coffee Co. were present and the event and coordinating baristas on their first official day.


Coppell interior designer Dana Pugh envisioned a comfortable space with many different rooms for a variety of people with different personalities and likings.


“[Coppell] has that small town feel and I think there’s a lot of different rooms here so it has a place for everyone,” Pugh said. “If you’re an introvert or extrovert, if you want a reading space, there’s a space or one for big groups.”


By shopping at thrift and vintage stores, each piece of furniture has character and depth.


“I wanted to bring in things that were vintage and juxtaposing with the modern but something with just heart and soul,” Pugh said. “I didn’t want to use all new things, I wanted to use some vintage pieces and mix them both.”


George is located at 462 Houston St. Coppell and will have a soft opening this Tuesday, July 18, and will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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Cryo Coppell is located at at 722 S. Denton Tap Rd. #240 and is owned by Coppell residents Bobby and Kerri Colclasure.

In our modern world, almost any ache or pain can be relieved with what is often known as a medical miracle, but the longterm effects of these treatments are not always obvious.


Cryo Coppell owners Bobby and Kerri Colclasure hope to change this reality with an alternative medicine form known as cryotherapy.


Cryotherapy is a hyper-cooling process that lowers a patient's body temperature to 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of three minutes.


Patients, whether competitive athletes, someone with ankle problems or anyone who does not want to be heavily medicated for pain, can receive relief at 722 S. Denton Tap Rd. #240, Coppell.


Benefits of cryotherapy include increased calorie burning, smoother and tighter skin, weight loss, increased energy, higher quality sleep, increased performance, reduction of arthritis, and many more wellness, performance and lifestyle advantages.


The business came to fruition when couple’s daughter, Tenley, needed quick and effective relief from the physical demands of competitive gymnastics.


“Everyday [Tenley] would come home and ice her ankles, ice her knees, ice her elbows and she would do that while she was doing her homeschool and someone said why don’t you start trying cryo with her,” Bobby said. “Within two weeks of taking her everyday, she’s not icing anymore and we were pretty amazed because our icemaker would run out everyday.”


As she trained 30 hours a week, she started going to Cryo daily and saw immediate results, inspiring her parents to start a family business in their hometown of Coppell.


While the Colclasures have other careers, they are at Cryo whenever they get the chance including lunch breaks, after work and on the weekends.


“We are all family oriented, my wife’s here, my three kids are here working and I think people like that,” Bobby said. “It’s a really personable and friendly place.”


While Cryo is a business, faith and family are an important part of their mission to help the Coppell community.


“Coppell is a very close-knit community, it’s a small town and probably 90 percent our business comes through Coppell,” said Bobby. “I think people in Coppell like to do business in their town and support each other.”

To schedule a cryotherapy appointment, visit or call (469) 763-3096.

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This french toast recipe has a vegan twist on it to cater to the needs of anyone dairy-free or health conscious.

French toast is a dreamy delicacy that is surprisingly easy to make. The dish is delicious and satisfies a sweet tooth craving even for a vegan or someone trying to be more health conscious or dairy-free. Pair entree with vegan whipped cream and strawberries and surprise someone with this mouthwatering classic.


Cooking and prep time: 20 minutes

Serves: 2



  1. ½ tbsp maple syrup

  2. ½ tsp powdered cinnamon

  3. ½ tsp vanilla extract

  4. 4 slices whole wheat bread slices

  5. 1 cup almond or cashew milk



  1. Whisk together all ingredients except the bread in a wide bowl

  2. Warm up pan and spray with non-stick

  3. Dip slice of bread into batter and let mixture soak in for 10-15 seconds on each side

  4. Place bread on pan and cook until golden brown then flip

  5. Top with strawberries, vegan whipped cream and maple syrup  

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The Cozby Library and Community Commons was renovated last year to now include a business center, a teen space, meeting rooms and many other additions.

While the Cozby Library and Community Commons already hosts a handful of resources, books and study spaces for teens, this summer, librarians have even introduced workshops where teens can gather relevant skills.


During an hour-long session on Friday’s, teens can practice sketching techniques, make healthy snacks and even learn CPR to maybe one day save a life.


Behind all these new opportunities designed for teens is librarian Sarah Silverthorne who has been a key part of organizing and planning these workshops.


Silverthorne has been a librarian at the Coppell Library for eight years and was motivated to take full advantage of the new renovated Cozby Library and Community Commons.


The new library now includes private study rooms, a teen center and two large meeting rooms where many of the workshops take place.


This past Friday, professional artists from Fort Worth-based Shonuff Studios were invited to teach participants how to sketch as part of a series of workshops specifically designed for teens.


“We had an artist come in and he kind of teaches the kids, shows them sketches and how to draw things and they can ask questions,” Silverthorne said. “We try to be very hands on so they get sketch paper and pencils and rulers so they can sketch along.”


The workshops have been successful, evident by the number of participants, averaging 20 per session.


“For the teen workshops, [the reception] has been really positive, they seem to like it and it's fun because it's not just sitting and listening to they get to participate,” Silverthorne said.


Silverthorne has also partnered with local organizations such as the Coppell Biodiversity Education Center, Natural Grocers and Living Well in Coppell to enhance workshops.


Her efforts are complemented by “The League of Extraordinary Teens” which is a select group of teens who suggested the themes and came up with ideas for the workshops.  


“We are definitely trying to utilize the new space and building and do more activities and get more people involved,” Silverthorne said.  


The library is located on 177 N. Heartz Rd and the workshops are free and for teens entering grades 6 through 12.