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25. Put together your own bouquet of flowers. 
Everyone loves to get a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day so there’s nothing wrong with going this route. Just don’t do it the expensive way. Buying bouquets of roses from florists is just way pricier than what you need to spend on flowers. Instead, create your own beautiful bouquet by picking up single stem flowers from a local flower shop. If you’re lucky, there may be a wholesale flower store in your area. Skip the roses and go for something less expensive (gerbera daisies, lilies). Alternatively pick your own flowers from the garden or buy an inexpensive potted plant instead. Wrap it up with ribbon and add some glitter or balloons to create a special bouquet that’s really eye-catching.

24. Write a poem or a song for your sweetheart. 
If you really put some thought and time into this one, it can earn you praises of how sweet you are and you won’t have to spend a penny. Really think about the things that you treasure about the person that you’re spending this Valentine’s Day with. Add in some memories that are special to the two of you. Then let your creative urges do the rest!

23. Bake brownies or cookies.
Most people pay a lot of money to get those fancy Godiva or Ghirardelli chocolates for people. It’s the default Valentine’s gift for everyone from lovers to mothers. Skip the expensive chocolates and go for spending just a few dollars on cookie ingredients instead. Splurge on some frosting and write messages on the cookies that express your feelings for the person you’re giving them to. Now that’s sweet.

22. Do that thing that your sweetheart enjoys but you never want to do. 
You know what it is. It’s different for everyone. He really loves going to the racetrack but you hate horses so you never go with him. She would love it if you’d get into the bathtub with her now and then but you think it’s cramped and uncomfortable. He wants you to play video games with him but you get bored. The act itself doesn’t have to seem romantic – it’s your willingness to do it and to try to enjoy it just because the other person wants you to that will make this Valentine’s Day special.

21.Make a kiss basket. 
Put together a basket filled with slips of paper that each say a different way to kiss. There are all kinds of kisses to be enjoyed – French kisses, slow kisses, pecks on the cheek, nibbles on the neck … challenge yourself to come up with 50 different kisses that you’d love to give your lover. Let him or her know that you’re hoping she’ll keep pulling kisses out of that basket for you to perform until the basket falls apart from overuse.


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