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Keep Coppell Beautiful Environmental Education is offering a Fall into Winter Gardening class on Saturday, July 25, from 11:00am- 12:30pm at the Biodiversity Education Center.  The center is located in Wagon Wheel Park next to Coppell Nature Park (367 Freeport Parkway, Coppell TX 75019).

Fall and winter make for a harsh outdoor environment, but that doesn’t mean gardening has to come to a stop.  Healthy soil is essential to plant vitality and these slow seasons present a great opportunity to invigorate beds before the upcoming spring. Fall may be the best time of the year to plant in order to get the best results and an ideal time to evaluate a garden’s design. Reviewing what worked and did not work will allow for accurate removal or relocation of certain plants. Taking these steps to winterize will make for a better looking garden during cold weather months and improve outcomes for the approaching spring.

Soil maintenance and design adjustments aren’t the only options for winter gardeners. Many plants and vegetables struggle in the cold, however, there are quite a few vegetables that thrive in the chilly weather. Cole crops have an affinity for cold weather and will allow a harvest in much of the winter. With proper plants and cultivation, any garden has the capacity for year round yields.

Brad Sandy, of the Dallas County Master Gardeners, will cover numerous cold season gardening topics with professional tips and tricks to keep plots from becoming rectangles of bare earth. With over 10 years of gardening leadership and regularly lecturing at the Dallas Arboretum, Mr. Sandy has become a regional authority on educating the public over soil preparation. You’ll also find out how to grow in the cold weather and when to begin planting for the best spring harvest. Brad will cover proper planting times, soil cultivation, winter friendly veggies and a touch of design for the bitter seasons.

Learn to garden all year long by thinking ahead and properly planning from this class. 

Free to the public.

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