Drawing & Painting Summer Camp - June 12-15, Age6+



Central Standard Time



Nisha Shah
Falak Art Studio - 115 W SANDY LAKE ROAD STE 400
COPPELL, Texas 75019

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Create 6 pieces of art in 4 days, 3 hrs. each day Drawing & Painting Camp  

Join Falak Art Studio's Summer Art Camp!

Date: June 12 - 15 ?? Age: 6+ Price: $199 (supplies included)

@Falak Art Studio - 115W Sandy Lake Road, Ste 400, Coppell, TX

Let your child's creativity soar as they embark on an artistic journey with our Summer Art Camp! They will have a blast creating 6 amazing pieces of art while learning various techniques and mediums.

Here's what they'll experience:

  • Explore Different Mediums: Campers will work with graphite, charcoal, Prisma color, watercolor, acrylic, pen, and ink. It's a chance to dive into a world of diverse artistic possibilities!
  • Master Artistic Techniques: They will learn essential techniques such as hatching, crosshatching, stripling, and reductive value drawing. These skills will be instrumental in their drawing mastery.
  • Enhance Composition and Perspective: We will guide campers step-by-step in understanding composition, perspective, color mixing, brush strokes, and more. They'll develop a solid foundation in art principles.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child to ignite their artistic passion and create stunning artwork! Sign up for Falak Art Studio's Summer Art Camp today!

Limited spots available!

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For any queries, contact us at +1 972 352 1279.

Let your child's imagination flourish this summer!

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