Lori Vann – Guest Contributor
May 14 @ 4:36 pm
Networking Boot Camp: the obstacle course of build



Central Standard Time



Vann Wellness Group
275 S Denton Tap Rd #101
Coppell, Texas 75019

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Your success in your professional life is directly tied to the relationships that you form.

If you are a business owner, knowing how to build the relationships you need and avoiding the ones that are dead weight can be the difference between making money or going broke.

When you reach out to people on social media, what happens? Is your message ignored? Unread? Worse...see that they saw it but didn't respond.

There are ways to make a memorable impression that opens the door to building a relationship, and then there are ways to be forgettable or regrettable where you risk closing a door that you barely wedged open.

We will cover real-world mistakes that happen on LinkedIn, IG, FB, and IRL (in real life) that are costing you and your business time, money, and reputation.  This is an interactive event where attendees' stories and experiences are discussed in break-out groups and during the event.

THEN, it is time to practice the tips that you have picked up by networking with other attendees who are not solely in your niche. An opportunity to challenge yourself to think of how you can add value and build a relationship with someone in a field that you may have not thought of before.   REGISTER THROUGH EVENTBRITE TODAY!

You never know who knows who. AND it is important to remember that it isn't who you know, it is WHO KNOWS YOU.

Invest in your success today and remember that it takes one relationship to change your financial future.

TICKETS ARE LIMITED TO 20 ATTENDEES. That is by Code and the ability to have positive, quality, interactive experiences.  As of TODAY, ONLY 15 TICKETS LEFT!

Secure your ticket today!

Event is led by International Speaker, Trainer, and Media Guest Lori Vann, MA, LPCS. She has been in business since 2001 and went full-time into her private practice in January 2008.