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VP@C Learners Begin Their Celebration of Earth Day Early


     Victory Place @ Coppell Turning Point learners started their Earth Day celebration early this year with environmental videos, infographics and a trip to the Coppell Nature Park. Learners were ready to do their part for the Earth at the Coppell Nature Park where they participated in a trash pick up along the nature trails and on the grounds around the facility. Armed with bags, gloves, and trash pick up sticks, six groups of learners plus educators and nature center staff set out on a beautiful, temperature perfect day, to clean up the trails. After a very productive morning they returned with garbage bags filled with all sorts of items ranging from the ubiquitous plastic bags to bottles and drink containers. It was an amazing morning where learners exhibited the life principles of cooperation, responsibility and effort.


     In the afternoon Turning Point learners were treated to an inspiring presentation by Alisa Koslowski on the green features of the Biodiversity Education Center. Learners were introduced to solar panels and the four inverters that help convert electricity from DC to AC to power the center. They experienced first hand the artificial wood made of of recycled jugs used as flooring for the expansive outdoor deck and felt the weight of the glued wood beams used in the construction of the center. Learners were introduced to other Green materials such as the carpet made from recycled plastics and the Nudura wall construction which provides excellent insulation for the building. Outside, learners viewed the roof of the center which is designed in a butterfly pattern to collect rainwater into an enormous cistern outside the center. Learners were amazed to see the cistern which holds 9400 gallons of water and it takes only one inch of rain on the roof to fill it a third of the way. The remainder of the day was spent testing the water quality of the stream running through the park and participating in the thought provoking Viewpoints on a Line Activity which gave learners a chance to express their opinions on various environmental issues facing us today.


Thank you Alisa Koslowski, Shannon Richardson, and Maura Breen for giving us the wonderful opportunity to start our Sustainability Unit with such an inspiring visit to the Biodiversity Education Center.

Photo 1: VP@C Turning Point learners next to the cistern outside the BEC.


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