Kids Kayak Skills, Fishing and Survivors Camp



Central Standard Time



Trinity River Kayak Co.
COPPELL, Texas 75019

School 6th thru 9th grade boys and girls will come to Trinity River Kayak Co. Summer Camp and experience the great outdoors and Elm Fork of the Trinity River. Each camp is for 1 week in July.  Visit for details under Kids Camp.

Each camper will be provided their own kayak, life vest and paddle for the week. 

Learn the fundamentals of kayaking, water safety, technique and terminology. 

Learn about rivers, riparian habitat and plants, birds, bottomlands wildlife, urban coyotes & bobcats, animal tracking, our environment and nature.

Learn how to survive in the wild. Shelter, water, fire and food. Proper techniques in starting fire from scratch wet or dry. How to properly and safely work with a knife. How to make river or pond water drinkable, search for edible food and signal for help. Leave no trace skills and more!

Campers will bring their own rod & reel and tackle box for the day. We will learn how to catch bait fish, bait a hook with live bait and lurers. We will actually fish the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, Denton Creek and then ease over to fish in Hidden Lake.