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George is thriving in Old Town Coppell and has proved to be a great addition to the city.

As I sat in George Coffee Co + Provisions, the restaurant was buzzing with energy, chatter and excitement.


People from all ages enjoyed the clean, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere George provides. People studying used the closed table space, the booths were available for more privacy and sofas for lounging and interacting with others.


Since I don't usually drink caffeine, the barista recommended a latte. Although it was a hot summer day, I thoroughly enjoyed it indoors. The mocha latte was frothy, rich and had a design made of cream on top, a simple but great last touch.


My friend ordered the iced version of the latte that I also tried. It was a perfect combination of chocolate milk and coffee, reminding me of my childhood favorite drink and also giving me a caffeine boost.


Owner Christian Hemberger interacted with guests and staff members, evidence of George’s commitment to creating a family atmosphere.


Since its soft opening, on July 18, customers have expressed their satisfaction and excitement about the coffee shop through social media and the shop did not disappoint.


In addition, the shop now has kombucha drinks, a fermented tea, yogurt drinks, bottled juices and fruit boxes available for purchase.


The coffee shop has been a hit in Coppell and a perfect fit for Old Town Coppell.


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