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George Coffee and Provisions will be opening next week and is located in the heart of Old Town Coppell.

George is a name originally derived from Greek, meaning “worker of the earth” and a perfect title of a coffee shop that emphasizes the importance of sustainable farming and giving back the community.


Coppell’s George Coffee and Provisions is a quaint, white building located in the heart of Old Town. The owners hosted a special event for friends and family of the staff on Friday, July 16.


The building is complimented by a charming collection of vintage furniture and a minimalist, clean interior.


The shop has a variety of seating for customers, including booths, sofas, rooms for quiet studying or reading and even large private rooms that can host up to 60 people.


George’s menu features a variety of lattes, espressos, coffees, teas, frappes and creams in addition to chocolate milk, lemonade, and a specialty hot cocoa.


Owner Christian and Laura Hemberger have lived in Coppell for 13 years and wanted to establish a business that also gives back to the community and essentially the world.


“We’ve lived in Coppell since ‘04 and have really just benefitted from knowing a lot of people and making a lot of friends in town,” said Christian Hemberger said. “When we had the opportunity to do something, we thought, let’s do something [where] we can contribute to the community and that we are passionate about.”


The Hembergers gathered experience in starting a coffee shop as friends of theirs opened up businesses in the Metroplex. Friends of the Hembergers and owners of the Highland Village Edison Coffee Co. were present and the event and coordinating baristas on their first official day.


Coppell interior designer Dana Pugh envisioned a comfortable space with many different rooms for a variety of people with different personalities and likings.


“[Coppell] has that small town feel and I think there’s a lot of different rooms here so it has a place for everyone,” Pugh said. “If you’re an introvert or extrovert, if you want a reading space, there’s a space or one for big groups.”


By shopping at thrift and vintage stores, each piece of furniture has character and depth.


“I wanted to bring in things that were vintage and juxtaposing with the modern but something with just heart and soul,” Pugh said. “I didn’t want to use all new things, I wanted to use some vintage pieces and mix them both.”


George is located at 462 Houston St. Coppell and will have a soft opening this Tuesday, July 18, and will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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