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Cryo Coppell is located at at 722 S. Denton Tap Rd. #240 and is owned by Coppell residents Bobby and Kerri Colclasure.

In our modern world, almost any ache or pain can be relieved with what is often known as a medical miracle, but the longterm effects of these treatments are not always obvious.


Cryo Coppell owners Bobby and Kerri Colclasure hope to change this reality with an alternative medicine form known as cryotherapy.


Cryotherapy is a hyper-cooling process that lowers a patient's body temperature to 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of three minutes.


Patients, whether competitive athletes, someone with ankle problems or anyone who does not want to be heavily medicated for pain, can receive relief at 722 S. Denton Tap Rd. #240, Coppell.


Benefits of cryotherapy include increased calorie burning, smoother and tighter skin, weight loss, increased energy, higher quality sleep, increased performance, reduction of arthritis, and many more wellness, performance and lifestyle advantages.


The business came to fruition when couple’s daughter, Tenley, needed quick and effective relief from the physical demands of competitive gymnastics.


“Everyday [Tenley] would come home and ice her ankles, ice her knees, ice her elbows and she would do that while she was doing her homeschool and someone said why don’t you start trying cryo with her,” Bobby said. “Within two weeks of taking her everyday, she’s not icing anymore and we were pretty amazed because our icemaker would run out everyday.”


As she trained 30 hours a week, she started going to Cryo daily and saw immediate results, inspiring her parents to start a family business in their hometown of Coppell.


While the Colclasures have other careers, they are at Cryo whenever they get the chance including lunch breaks, after work and on the weekends.


“We are all family oriented, my wife’s here, my three kids are here working and I think people like that,” Bobby said. “It’s a really personable and friendly place.”


While Cryo is a business, faith and family are an important part of their mission to help the Coppell community.


“Coppell is a very close-knit community, it’s a small town and probably 90 percent our business comes through Coppell,” said Bobby. “I think people in Coppell like to do business in their town and support each other.”

To schedule a cryotherapy appointment, visit or call (469) 763-3096.

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