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What’s better than sitting outside on a nice spring day reading a book and getting some fresh air and sunshine on a beautiful deck surrounded by a luscious landscape?  What’s better than sitting outside on warm summer day under a nice shady pavilion reading a book or watching TV?  What’s better than sitting outside on a cold winter evening in front of a blazing fire cuddled up under a blanket relaxing with your friends and family?  Nothing!  That’s why outdoor living has become so popular.   And here in Texas, we’re lucky because we can enjoy the outdoors year round.

The idea is that you can extend the inside living area to the outside.  You can make the most of your property by creating outdoor living spaces.  There are a myriad of concepts and designs that can take your property and make it unique to you and your needs.

Here are some things to consider when planning to have an outdoor living area designed and installed that will save you time and money… and peace of mind!

  • Design Considerations:  A great designer will install your pool, BBQ, arbor, etc. where it will look great and “in place” from every viewpoint.
  • Color:  This is one of the easiest and most impactful features of design. The color of the flowers, stone, pool plaster, granite- all set the mood for relaxing or high-energy fun.
  • Structural Elements:   Ceiling, Floor, Walls, Oh my! A good builder/designer will know which walls can be removed and where stability and structure needs to be added- not only for function, but for beauty as well.  These structural elements don’t have to be made of wood or concrete.  Sometimes a beautiful arrangement of shrubs and flowers can create a wall to separate one area from another.  The ceiling can be anything from a slotted arbor allowing sunlight to flow through to a roofed pavilion so the entire area looks like it was always part of the house.  The floor also has a wide range of possibilities- Stained concrete, flagstone, a soft carpet of grass.  The choices are endless.
  • Function:  This will help you narrow down your “must haves”- what do you want the area to be used for?  Meditation?  Get-togethers with family and friends? Family time?  Entertainment for the kids?  Entertainment for the adults?

As you can see, this type of project can be overwhelming for the homeowner.  There is a lot to consider when planning, and even more when actually installing the components.  You can save yourself time and money by consulting a trained, experienced, professional designer and letting him or her do the hard work for you.   

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