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Kathy is crazy for cryo! Drastic improvements in chronic hamstring pain within the first few sessions!

Top 10 ways Whole Body Cryotherapy will help keep you cool this summer...

Improve & shorten recovery time

Relieve muscle soreness & pain

Improve energy level

Decrease fatigue

Improve training & competitive edge

Tighter healthier skin

Cellulite reduction

Decrease anxiety

Decrease depressive symptoms

This super cool therapy, I mean REALLY COOL, like -280 degrees Farenheit (that is 280 degrees below zero!) will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed & rejuvenated ... all at the same time! Discover it today at Lifestream Health Centre & Med Spa / - the first and only Cryo clinic in Coppell!

Lifestream Health Centre & Med Spa / LifestreamCRYO also offers services such as Hormone Replacement Therapy, Weight Loss, Thermograpy, IV Therapy, Genetic Testing, Aesthetics, Women's Health and Macronutrient Tesitng.

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