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The shop offers a variety of beverages, such as cappuccinos, tea and frappes.

Old Town Coppell is known for its vintage feel that brings charm to the community. The new addition of George: Coffee + Provisions coffee shop fits right into the character of Old Town.


For months now, I have been wanting to visit the George coffee shop. When I found out the shop would have a soft opening last Tuesday, I jumped at the opportunity to visit it. Now that I have visited it, I can firmly say that I was not disappointed.


The outside of the coffeehouse is surrounded by a white picket fence that reaffirms the suburban lifestyle that Coppell encompasses. The curb appeal of the big white exterior draws you right in.


On the inside of the fence, there is room for people to visit underneath the porch. In the yard area, an array of tables and chairs are set up so people are able to relax outside, reminiscent of a courtyard.


Customers in the courtyard can play a game of cornhole-a feature that not too many coffee shops have, and what I think makes George so special.


Upon walking inside, the interior of the shop gave me Fixer Upper vibes. The entirety of the interior looks like it could come out of a country chic decor magazine. The walls are all white, the light fixtures are modern and there is a painted brick fireplace.


As for the menu, the drinks served there ranges from coffee and frappes to tea and lattes. Any coffee enthusiast would be pleased.


Everything on the menu looked pleasing, but I ordered the cappuccino, and it met my expectations.


The staff was well-trained, and everyone made you feel welcome. Coffee shops with friendly service make me want to go back, which is why I think this business will stay around long.


All in all, I recommend going to George for the friendly Coppell community atmosphere that you will not get in other coffee shops.

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