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There are an array of documentaries on Netflix that are worth watching, including "13th", "Twinsters", "First Position" and "Blackfish".

Scrolling endlessly to find something to watch on Netflix? Do you usually take more time trying to find something to watch rather than actually watching something? Although the documentary section on Netflix may be overlooked at times, there are a number of hidden gems in there that are worth watching.


I compiled a list of Rotten Tomatoes fresh documentaries that are worth watching (all can be found available to stream on Netflix):


Food, Inc.

Looking for a reason to quit eating meat? “Food, Inc.” gives you look into the food industry, shining light on the way big corporations treat how their food is being produced. The documentary covers the how companies produce meat, grains, vegetables, while also interviewing farmers and industry experts to get their take on the issue. It was nominated at the Academy Awards in 2010 for Best Documentary, so you will not want to miss it.


The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young

This documentary takes a look inside an intense trail race, the Barkley Marathons, that only 15 people have finished. The documentary shows the ins and outs of the history behind it, what the race is and how people endure it (or not). The prison escape of James Earl Ray, Martin Luther King, Jr’s assassin, was the inspiration behind the actual creation of the trail.  


First Position

“First Position” shows the lives of six ballet dancers as they get ready for a prestigious ballet competition called Youth America Grand Prix. The documentary has gained worldwide acclaim, winning second place for Best Documentary at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Fed Up

“Fed Up” is about the growing issue of obesity that has taken the United States by storm. News journalist Katie Couric co-produced this documentary as well as narrated it. The documentary also informs viewers about the sugar that is in many processed foods, which is a problem that many people did not recognize.


The Fear of 13

This documentary allows a man named Nick Yarris to tell his story of being wrongly convicted of a murder that he later was proved innocent of from DNA evidence. Yarris tells his story of spending 21 years on Death Row, with only him on camera, making you think differently about how crime is dealt with.



“Blackfish” is a popular documentary about an orca who was held captive and mistreated by SeaWorld. This documentary educates viewers on the dangers of keeping killer whales locked up in captivity, which caused massive public criticism of SeaWorld.



“13th”, directed by Ava DuVernay, discusses the 13th amendment place in America. The documentary talks about race, slavery, the incarceration system and everything in between. It was nominated for Best Documentary at this year’s Academy Awards.



“Twinsters” tells the story of twins who were separated at birth and adopted from different families and grew up on different continents. It shows the journey of how they found each other on social media and shows footage of them getting to meet each other.

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