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This past Saturday, the Coppell Farmers Market hosted its third edition of its Market to Kitchen Chef Series. Chef Sarah Penrod, who is a third generation chef, demonstrated her Tuscan Style Rosemary Steak recipe in front of a crowd. Her bestselling cookbook, The Urban Cowgirl, came out in May.

Every Saturday, the Coppell Farmers Market (CFM) is bustling with eager citizens from all over town to purchase the freshest food.


This past Saturday, the CFM hosted its third edition of its Market to Kitchen Chef Series.


The demonstration was conducted by Chef Sarah Penrod, a Food Network Star and third generation chef from the Dallas/Forth Worth Area, who just released her bestselling cookbook, The Urban Cowgirl, this past May.


The Urban Cowgirl, which is perfect for the new modern Texas family, contains award winning recipes from ranging from ‘shrimp kisses with pineapple coulis’ to ‘shark eggs with kick in the pants ranch’.


“This cookbook is very different because it’s a storybook,” Penrod said. “If you grew up in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, or New Mexico, you’re going to laugh your way through it because the whole thing is like one big inside joke.”


Citizens from all over town came to witness Penrod demonstrate her Tuscan Style Rosemary Steak recipe. It also included a fresh strawberry and handmade gouda salad with raspberry vinaigrette and roasted potatoes with julienned green tomato ragu.


All of the fresh ingredients she used to make demo her recipe came from the Coppell Farmers Market.


“We've had a positive response to the demonstrations. Most people probably don't realize our market is exceptional in offering only free demonstrations,” Coppell Farmers Market committee member, who helped inaugurate the Market to Chef series, Lynette Fortson said. “The chefs donate their time and expertise. Coppell Farmers Market vendors donate most of the ingredients with the market occasionally subsidizing the expense of some of the more expensive ingredients.”


“In my demo, I create three recipes using ingredients available from the market, so that’s a blueprint for a couple of meals that you have access to right in front of you,” Penrod said. “It gives you an opportunity to sample the meats and veggies cooked and prepared by a chef, instead of just lying there on the display table.”


While she demonstrated her recipe in front of the crowd, she spoke about her various experiences as a North Texan chef.


“I felt completely at home [while I was cooking and demonstrating for the crowd]. I think we had a relaxed session. I try to be informative and teach, but more than anything I come to connect with other Texans, and hear their stories.”


At the end of the demonstration, visitors were able to sample and divulge in the dish, as samples were handed out to everyone.


“Her enthusiasm was infectious, her information style is accessible to all,” Fortson said. “I better understand the interplay between sweets, acid, and salt to balance a dish.”


For Penrod, the welcoming atmosphere of the Coppell Farmers Market made the demonstration extra special.


“I already have plans to come back with my family this Saturday. The atmosphere was very cheerful, and I liked that there was minimal crafts, [with a] bigger emphasis on food products,” Penrod said. “It’s the most well organized city event that I have been invited to in DFW.”


You can purchase Penrod’s cookbook, The Urban Cowgirl, on her website or Amazon.

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