Falak Arts is a curriculum based art school teaching   color pencils, water colors, acrylics, oils, charcoal, graphite, pastels and also 2d and 3d design to children and adults. Our students get deeper knowledge and understanding of Elements and principal of design, figure drawing, still life, portraits, art history, color theory and much more.  Our goal is to instil a strong foundation which can be lifelong accomplishment.

Summer Camp 2014

Each camp rate is $150+$25 supplies.  Current students and returning students get 50%off the supply fees. Enroll for 2 camps and supply is waived for both the camps.

 Non-Traditional Art: June 23rd -27th   9-12pm –Nisha Shah Learn to be creative by painting on anything and everything around you, accept paper and canvas. Painting can be on glass, panels, fabrics, shoes, ceramic tiles etc.  Also learn to paint with non-traditional art medium like coffee, tea, ground materials etc., students will take home the most amazing master pieces each day.

Altered book:June 23rd -27th -1-4pm- Instructor Michael Warren - Students will be altering old, distressed books to create beautiful works of art. Pages will exhibit works in mixed media and assemblage

Water color: June 30th-4th -9-12 pm- Instructor –Nisha Shah -Mastering the fundamentals and various approaches to watercolor art is challenging and rewarding. You’ll learn about techniques. And paint exotic landscapes, seascapes, figures/portraits, birds/animals, and more

Paint like famous artist: June 30th-July 4th -1-4pm – Instructor –Scott Brookins-

This class will focus on following artist, Claude Monet and the Impressionist art movement. 

 Vincent van Gogh’s art was a reaction to post Impressionism, his use of impasto and arbitrary color for the sake of expression brought the new revolution in history of art.

 Henri Matisse, the greatest colorist, was the leader of Fauvism;   “Woman in Blue” will be the highlight of the class.

Pablo Picasso Cubism, brought the most important art movement of the 20th-century.

 Students will complete 4 master pieces of this world masters, in this 5 days camp.

Drawing - July 7th-11th -9-12pm- Nisha Shah –learn the quick and easy secrets of drawing the world around you. Drawing can be very overwhelming for most of the people but it can be learned like any other subjects, if learned right it can be most treasured learning of lifetime. Participate in hands on demonstration of pencil shading techniques.  Employ a variety of shading techniques that will be demonstrated in class such as; hatching, crosshatching, stippling, smooth shading, etc. Student will work with color pencils, graphite, charcoal, pastel and pen and ink. Students will complete one drawing with different technique each day.

Mixed Media with Transfers: July 7th-11th -1-4pm- Instructor -Michael Warren –Have fun experimenting and combining various materials for original mixed media art! Learn the secrets of transferring imagery from original sources to artistic surfaces. Techniques include –Encaustics, Acrylic medium, Citrus salt, Transfer tape. Students will be a proud creator of artistic piece of art each day.

Oil painting:July 14th – 18th   9-12pm- Instructor –Nisha Shah  –Even the old masters worked diligently to enhance their oil painting techniques. Here, you’ll find easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to paint with oil, covering a variety of topics including classical underpaintings, glazing, surface treatments and building up the paint for texture. Students will paint different subjects each day from landscapes, cityscapes, animals and birds.

Pottery/ 3D art: July 14th – 18th  -1-4pm – Instructor- Michael Warren:   students will be working with various hand building techniques like pinching, coiling, slab, weaving etc, to create sculptures , pots,  name plates, jars with lids,  and more!


 We also offer the following 

AP Art program: Students submit a portfolio at the end of the academic year to attempt to earn college credit. Students are required to produce a minimum 24 works of art that reflect issues related to 2­D design/ drawing


Advance Art program: Curriculum designed for advance art program can help students build a portfolio which can give them high school art credit.


Summer Class options

These courses are structured for beginners and can be modified as per the students’ abilities and age. Depending on their age and abilities, they can skip the beginner level and can work on advance art. Current students will work as per there level and color media they are working on and also do some 2d and 3d art work with clay and paper Mache.

 Home work will be given every class. Students are      expected to work on it and not ignore its importance

Students will be tested after every level.

The fees   are to be paid at the beginning of the class.


12 class package

This covers -Basic Elements & Principles of Design  Sketches, Pencil Colors, graphite shading & Water Color paintings.

Current students: $225

New students : $ 275 ( including supplies)*


24 class package

This covers -Basic Elements & Principles of Design The 8 sketches with pencil colors, 6 Water Color painting,6 Pencil Shading & graphite art, 1 canvas painting size 9”x 12”

This course will complete around 18-20 finished art work and will get you Certification of Drawing level 1, 2 & water coloring.

Current students: $395

New students: $445 ( supplies included )*


36 class package

This covers – Basic Elements & Principles of Design 12 sketches which can be pencil colored or  shaded

9-10 Water Color painting , 4 landscape, 2 flowers,2 Still Life, 2 perspective drawing, 7-Color Pencil, shading and graphite art work, 2 Graphite –Human portrait, 2 Graphite –Animals, 2 Shading of Flower/still life, 1 Self-portrait, 1 -9x12 painting in Acrylic, 1 -9x12 painting in Oil. Students will have around 28-30 finished art work with certification for Drawing level 1, 2 & 3 / Shading and Water Color.

Current students :$540

New students :$ 615( supplies included )*


*- Does not include books and canvas.


Falak Art Studio


115 , W.Sandylake Rd,


Coppell , TX 75019.



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