AP Course Description

AP Studio Art Portfolio is for art students who are motivated learners and who are serious about developing their ability to communicate their ideas, thoughts, and feelings in visual form. This course is not based on a written exam; instead, students submit a portfolio at the end of the academic year to attempt to earn college credit. Students are required to produce a minimum 24 works of art that reflect issues related to 2­D design. Media such as Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, and Collage are utilized. This course enables students to develop quality artworks that demonstrate, strong visual idea development, significant knowledge of the elements and principles of design, and the artistic skill and ability necessary to apply them.

Portfolio Requirements

The 2 – D Portfolio contains 3 sections: Quality, Concentration, and Breadth.

1.   Quality: In this section the student will submit five examples of their best work, mastery in concept, composition, and execution of 2­D designs.

2. Breadth: In this section you will be required to submit 12 slides that demonstrate your understanding of the principles of design. Include examples of Unity/ Variety, Balance, Emphasis, thoughtfully applying these principles while creating your art. For this section you need 12 slides of 12 different artworks

3.   Concentration: In this section the student is asked to devote considerable time, effort, and thought to an investigation of a specific visual idea. The concentration is a body of artworks that grow out of a coherent plan of action. These works should use the elements and principles of design in an informed and/ or experimental way. The works are expected to be unified visually or conceptually.  The work must reflect your individual interests, be focused on a process of visual growth & discovery, and show the development of a visual language appropriate to your original concept.  Students will be expected to make significant progress toward this goal during the first few months.    

 Commentary: The portfolio requires a written commentary on the central idea of your concentration. This is helpful information provided to the College Board as an explanation of your work during the evaluation process.


-          Receive College Credits by creating  college ready art work

-       Create a portfolio to present to prospective colleges    

  Eligibility: Students in 7th grade and up Class - Activities and StrategiesSession is weekly every Saturday. Each 1 month period consists of 4 sessions. Students will have access to all basic art materials during scheduled class time.ADDRESS- 115 W. Sandy Lake Road, Ste 400, Coppell TX 75019Tel –      
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