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Truth #1

The truth about diabetes is often lost in the noise of what we should eat and do, what new treatments are coming and how expensive diabetes is. Those are all newsworthy topics, but the truth about diabetes is that it’s hard. It’s a burden. It’s not fun and it’s nothing anyone asked for. It can be deadly and over time it damages your body no matter how “good” you are. Not a very fun headline, so it’s not surprising people avoid this very true fact.

Perhaps in an attempt to solve this plight, much more focus is put on how to treat it or beat it. All good and worthy topics, yet there’s an expectation that we should all be able to simply flip a switch and change our life and do what is asked of us. The battlecry “Hey we figured it out! Just go do this!”, turns into “Why aren’t you doing better?” and “You are non-compliant” when their fix doesn’t fix it! Again, missing the truth. It is hard! It is imperfect!  IT doesn’t play by the rules, even when we do!

Truth #2

Each of us comes with our own uniqueness. There is no one size fits all or a perfect solution that will create a lifetime of perfect blood sugars. What is true for you, is not true for me.  What makes me feel pleased and satisfied, is not what makes you pleased and satisfied. We all have our own purpose, experience, and preferences.  Our internal systems are constant assimilation of information, reacting at a cellular level to more than we likely can imagine. And it just isn’t the physical body. Our minds and emotions affect how we work as well. It is complex stuff and we all require a custom fit.

Truth #3

Your truth is your guiding light. Diabetes may be a part of it, but it is not YOU!  Listen to your truth.  Follow it.  Notice it. Learn from it. It is your way to “better”. What makes each of us better is different, but somewhere inside, you know. Your dreams and hopes are a clue, as are your preferences and emotions. I believe we can get really frustrated when we try to imitate someone else’s version of “better” and it falls short for us.

In my coaching practice, we always seek to find the truth for the individual. Then act from what is true and known, instead of what we wish or hope for. Hopes and wishes are things to have an intention about, but not a place to start. You must always start exactly where you are. If you think about it, you really can’t start from anyplace else!

Finding Better

So the first part of finding better is to realize your truth and acknowledge just where you are. If you are starting in a place of hardship, that is OK. Diabetes is hard! If your truth is fear, you need to find affirmations and perspectives that give you courage. If your truth is feeling unheard, you need to find a way to speak what you must say and hear what you must hear. If your truth is you don’t understand, you must find ways to bridge the gap in your knowledge. If your truth is frustration, you need to find ways that give you options and get you unstuck. Diabetes can make you feel stuck, like you have no options. And sometimes you don’t, but more often than not, that feeling is temporary and a few steps can change your perspective and get you moving.

Your Path

When you get moving, you change your path.  Start from where you are and what is true now, and you can control which direction you go!

  1. Your first step: speak your truth.
  2. Step two: acknowledge what is real.
  3. Step three: determine what will make you feel better.
  4. Step four: take small steps in that direction and be patient.

Your path is not anything you must travel alone. Most likely you will need help from others. It could be supported by family or friends. Information or guidance from your providers. Emotional support from a therapist. Or perhaps a coach to help you figure it all out. No matter what your truth is and where you are, there are always options.

It only takes one new option to create choice and get you moving in a direction towards a Better Diabetes Life!

Go for it!


Patricia Daiker Diabetes Coach


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