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DFW Music Teacher is a Coppell-based company that provides in-home music lessons in Coppell and surrounding areas. We would like to make learning how to play an instrument an enjoyable experience for you. To help you decide if we are the perfect match for you, please take the time to read through our main benefits below.

1. Our instructors will come to you! No more rushing, missed classes and no more sitting in traffic.
2. We offer lessons in a variety of instruments. Learn how to play the piano, drums, guitar, violin, cello and much more.
3. Our instructors are all experienced teachers. They can teach any age group, especially children.
4. We organize 3 music recitals per year. While you have fun learning how to play music, you have the opportunity to show everyone how much you've improved (You may even get the chance to perform in the next one in August).
5. Before they can teach, we run background checks on all of our instructors so we can assure you you're safe.
6. Every instructor goes through an interview and audition process.
7. There are no registration or application fees. You only pay for the music lessons.
8. No need to feel trapped. We do not require any commitment or contract.
9. We will work around your schedule and make sure you can take lessons at a convenient day and time.
10. Teachers use a recognized curriculum. This way, both parents and teachers can easily monitor the student's progress.

DFW Music Teacher

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