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There are many benefits of taking in-home music lessons. Below there is a list of how you or someone else could benefit from these lessons:


1. Our instructors will come right to your home! No more missing classes and no more driving to a music studio.

2. We offer lessons in a wide variety of instruments. You may take lessons on different instruments and stay with one program.

3. We organize 3 music recitals per year (The next one is being held in August). Besides having fun and learning how to play an instrument, you have the opportunity to show everyone how much you've improved.

4. Our instructors are all experienced teachers. They are even qualified to teach children as young as five years old.

5. We run background checks on all of our instructors.

6. We audition every instructor. Unlike other music schools, our instructors have to undergo interview and audition process before they can teach.

7. We do not have registration/application fees. Only pay for your music lessons.

8. All teachers teach a recognized curriculum, This allows both the teacher and parent to moniter student progress.

9. We do not require any commitment. You can pay month-to-month without feeling trapped.

10. We will work around your schedule and ensure students take lessons at a convenient day and time.


Get started with your in-home music lessons as soon as possible!

Please visit our website:

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