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By Corrina Taylor, BubbleLife Intern

A line of hungry customers reaches the door. Children eye the shakes and malts as teens sit at the high tables chatting. There are people of all ages here at this restaurant.

The newly opened Smashburger has already grabbed the attention of residents in Coppell. On a Friday night at 7:30 p.m., a crowd was already beginning to form. This burger joint is Coppell’s current hot spot.

After so much talk, I had high expectations for this restaurant. It is all anyone can talk about nowadays. As I waited in line, I perused the menu. This was not like any normal burger place.

There was an abundance of burger options. My limited experience had only prepared me for a couple of burger choices.

After deciding on an Oreo shake and an Avacado Club, I took my seat at a sleek and modern table. The décor of the restaurant was very modern and glossy. It fit today’s modern age and was overall more appealing to the eye.

When my food was delivered, my mouth watered at the sight of my big, juicy burger. My shake was huge; there was so much of it that I had an additional steel container with the remaining shake that would not fit in my glass cup.

The portions were good for the price that I had paid. As for the food, I thought my burger was more than good enough to bring me back to the restaurant again.

The shake was perfectly blended and was the perfect drink for my burger. The fries were only decent, maybe I had a bad batch, but I only thought the fries were okay. Next time I am not going to pay $1.99 for Smashfries.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Smashburger. The noise was loud due to all of the people coming in and out, but after the newness wears off, I can see this restaurant settling down to a mellow burger joint.