Gary Briel – Guest Contributor
May 3 2018

Voters in the City of Coppell and Coppell ISD:

Surely we can all agree that Coppell is an OUTSTANDING City, with EXCELLENT schools and wonderful people, many of whom volunteer hours and hours of their personal time to try to make our City and our schools a better place for all and they do so with very little thanks from the residents who benefit greatly from their tireless efforts!  I wanted to say this up front, because if you are following what is going on in our local elections you might think, by what some of the candidates are saying, that we live in a poorly run City and school district and that the folks currently serving us in elected positions are personally responsible and should be blamed for our impending demise!  This is completely unfair, but is what misinformation and rhetoric over social media (and through the mail) can do if citizens are willing to passively allow the use of that inaccurate information, fear and misplaced blame to influence their vote.  After watching all of the negative campaigning and the unnecessary character assassinations in this local election these past several weeks, it would be more effective to take the time to do a little research and dig a little deeper to see what is truly going on before heading to the ballot box this Saturday.   

Unfortunately some candidates are allowing parties from outside of our community to insert themselves into our local elections and to influence the positions that they are advocating.  These outside parties have an entirely different agenda and are playing the long game when it comes to critical issues like Robin Hood and school choice and they are attempting to get the candidates that reflect their views into locally elected positions to help them facilitate their long term objectives.  These outside parties have no real interest in what happens within our LOCAL community and our LOCAL schools!  They can say nasty and untrue things on social media about the candidates that they don't want in office, without any real repercussions because they don't live in our community or have to associate directly with us.  I encourage you to look at which candidates are supported by these outside parties and to ask yourself and them why that might be.

Using scare tactics to try to win an election, while not offering realistic tangible solutions to ongoing challenges is disingenuous.  I am confident, however, that Coppell residents are way too savvy to be fooled into thinking that the people volunteering their time and effort and holding current elected positions are individually responsible for things like property values or the property tax assessment notices being waived around by challengers trying to blame the so called establishment.  The property assessment matter is just one example of a multi faceted issue that needs to be addressed at the state level first and it is much more complex then some are trying to make it sound when using it as a political talking point in our local elections.  When you head to your polling station this Saturday to vote, I encourage you to ask the candidates what they specifically plan to do to resolve that issue or any other concerns that you might have. While it may be easy for a challenger to point to any issue and to place blame on an incumbent while trying to unseat them, it will not be as easy to mask a lack of in depth knowledge and understanding of that issue or if that challenger really has a feasible resolution to your stated concern.  There will always be challenges and important issues to be resolved in striving for continued excellence within our City and our schools, but a candidate who only talks about how bad things are, without offering real solutions and presenting an effective action plan, is simply following an age old campaign strategy and, history tells us, is not the solution driven creative leader to best guide us into the future.   

With all due respect, only one candidate in the CISD Place 7 race has worked tirelessly as a passionate and effective advocate for all of our students year after year after year. Tracy Fisher's dedication to and her involvement in CISD has been constant and did not end when her own children graduated.  She has had to endure personal attacks and name calling during this campaign, yet continues to show the strength of character required of any genuine leader.  She has consistently demonstrated that she is a principled, enthusiastic and committed force for our school district.  Tracy Fisher has served our community well for many years and she will continue to do so in a responsible and collaborative way and she has earned and deserves our support!  

Please also support the other candidates that have been continuously involved in our City and our schools.  I encourage you to ask the candidates on Saturday what their level of involvement has been this past year or two, as illustrating a pattern of continuous involvement in our City and in our school district is a time proven indicator that their passion for our community and our students runs deeper than just an election cycle when there are open seats to be filled.  Experience is an asset!

Do not be complacent!  Your vote matters and the continued success of our children and our community depends on you!  

Please come out and vote this Saturday, May 5th! 

Let's KEEP the City of Coppell and Coppell ISD GREAT!!! 



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