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"Coppell MSWest choir teacher, Allison Hartzell, was diagnosed with rare and aggressive Stage 4 tongue and head and neck cancer in January 2017. What started as an ulcer developed into squamous cell carcinoma. On January 19th she had a semi-glossectomy surgery to remove the cancerous lesion from her tongue. The cancer was more invasive than anticipated and required Allison to undergo a right neck dissection surgery to remove 36 lymph nodes. She was treated with 6 rounds chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments. Her passion for singing was halted as she slowly lost her voice. During this time a feeding tube was her only source of nutrition. After a 12 week recovery time, she was able to sing again and continue her love of teaching" (

"Unfortunately, the cancer recently returned on her tongue with multiple patches of Stage 1 carcinoma in March of 2018 and Allison had to endure another partial tongue removal surgery. Pathology reports confirmed her tongue has field cancerization where a large area of tongue is affected and can quickly mutate to cancer cells. There is no cure for her dysplasia (oral pre-cancer). She is currently working with multiple cancer centers across Texas and the United States searching for the best therapy options available. Unfortunately her choices are limited to observation and Keytruda immunotherapy costing almost $8,000 per infusion. Allison’s disease will need continuous procedures and monitoring for years to follow." (

"There is financial need for surgeries, immunotherapy, scans, medication and follow-up care. Unfortunately, the placement of her cancer is detrimental to her career as a choir teacher. She continues working on her speech and strength for a full recovery back to her love of teaching music. Her husband, Rick, is lovingly at her side, taking care of her and their two young children, Madison(7) and Hunter(2). Due to the hospitalizations, Rick has also had to take time from work to care for Allison and their family."

"Since then her story has been on multiple news channels such as CBS11 and FOX4 News." (


Dallas Morning News

The funds we raise will be used to help cover the accumulating medical bills, treatments, medication and lost wages for Allison and her family. Additional funds will go to The Oral Cancer Foundation-

Meet the runner

"Bruce Hermans became a runner for the first time in June of 2017 and after only 10 months is about to embark on the crazy idea of running a full marathon wearing the winning team's jersey in a Packers vs. Cowboys Challenge. Why? Because he felt compelled to do something special to help someone he knows can beat this disease. Bruce came up with the creative idea of helping Allison by team pitting Packer fans against Cowboy fans through a Coppell MS West CBL project to raise money for medical necessities and Oral Cancer Research. Whose jersey will he have to wear? Donate and see!" (

"Bruce was born in Green Bay, but has lived in the Dallas area for the last 22 years. He is the definition of a die-hard Packers fan... in a city full of Cowboy fans. One thing he knows is that Dallas Cowboy fans are devoted, spirited fans, but as a Green Bay Packer's owner he still believes that no one can top a Packer fan's dedication! He has trust that Green Bay Packers and Cowboys fans from around the country will fund this worthy cause with some friendly competition. His willingness to put his Packers pride aside and dawn a Cowboys jersey if they win shows his caring heart will do whatever it takes to help Allison and put an end Oral Cancer." (

"Bruce and CMS West learners set a lofty goal to raise $1 million dollars by the last mile of the marathon on May 20th 2018.

Who knows- maybe Aaron Rodgers or Dak Prescott will even run the last mile with him in hope of a cure for cancer!" (

Our goal:

Our main goal is not just to raise money but as well to raise awareness for not only Allison Hartzell but all victims of this deadly disease.


Our educators are leveraging learning goals connected to all subject areas to help the learners use news media and social media for good.                     For example, my language arts students are learning persuasive writing TEKS and utilizing them in their efforts. Math classes are watching the GoFundMe totals grow and analyzing the percent of change each day. Science classes are studying the body systems and predicting how Mr. Herman's body would respond to external stimuli during his training runs. This #run4allison CBL is allowing learning to become extremely relevant and meaningful which is what every learner deeply desires whether they realize it or not. - Mrs. Price, 7th grade Lang. Arts Educator at West     

What the students think about Run4Allison:

"Mrs. Hartzell is part of the West family and we are trying to help her get better and spread awareness" -Vansh S., 7th grade learner at West

"Mrs. Hartzell is a symbol of happiness to us all and she is our perfect role model ."-Neha N., , 7th grade learner at West

"If you ask anyone at Coppell middle school west they will tell you that we all are one big family and if some thing happens to anyone in our family the rest of us will be there to back them up its just part of being a wrangler" Adi P. , 7th grade learner at West 

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To read more: (article above is constructed by Adi Patel, CMSWest 7th Grader, with his own writing, as well as content from the website).