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By Tolu Salako, BubbleLife Intern

If one were to enter the band hall last week, one would see hundreds of teenagers practicing their three etudes that they will play in front of the judges for the All-Region tryouts.

All-Region tryouts are one of the biggest events for band students across Texas, and it gives them an opportunity to receive feedback from acclaimed musicians and the possibility to advance. Students have practiced their three etudes for weeks with their private lesson instructors and have played in front of the band instructors during mock auditions during and before school.  

Band students played their best last weekend in order to get accepted into the Region band or advance to the Pre-Area auditions with other Dallas high school students. Only a couple of students are admitted into Region and even fewer are given the opportunity to advance to the Pre-Area auditions. Coppell High School Band is known for its outstanding attendance in these auditions.

“Everyone wants to do well at these auditions and I have practiced for hours on end,” CHS junior Lauren Lason said. “I really do hope that all of my hard work pays off.”

Last year, more than 15 students made it to State, which is more than any other Texas school, and some of these students hope to maintain this State streak. It is extremely difficult to advance so far, but many students hope to achieve the same thing this year.

“Going to state last year was a dream come true,” CHS junior Madi Zill said. “It was hard work, but it was worth it in the end. I really hope I get to state again this year.”

This past Friday and Saturday, students were playing their etudes for five judges who ranked them according to their scores. Those with the highest scores have the chance to advance to the Pre-Area auditions this week.

“I was really happy with my scores,” CHS senior Matt Smith said. “I got straight first place from all five judges, which means I get to advance to the Pre-Area auditions. Since it is my last year in high school band, I really want to finish out strong.”

Pre-Are auditions are on Dec. 10, and if a select group of students score very high, they will have the opportunity to advance to the Area auditions and later to State.