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The learners of Victory Place @ Coppell recently created several museum exhibits for the third-graders at Denton Creek Elementary.  On November 14th, Denton Creek educators brought their classes over for an inter-campus learning experience.  Everyone involved learned something new.  The Denton Creek participants learned new information that corresponded to their curriculum, and the VP@C learners gained valuable experience in presenting information and creating an engaging learning environment.


In total, the VP@C learners created six different exhibits for the third-graders.  They created exhibits about how the colors of light work; the mysterious “Planet-X”; animal adaptations in the rainforest; the three different types of rock and how they are formed; the human circulatory system and the heart; and all about the water cycle.  Each exhibit was made to correspond to Texas Science state standards for third-graders so the exhibits would be fun and educational.


Every exhibit was interactive and incorporated technology in different ways.  While learning about the heart, third-graders created a heart on paper and then viewed it as a 3D object in an augmented reality app called Quiver.  To understand how the solar system worked at the Planet-X exhibit, the third-graders would experiment in an app by creating their own solar system to see how different planets’ gravity can affect one another.  Meanwhile, at the Rainforest exhibit, third-graders were led on a virtual tour of the Borneo Rainforest through Google Expeditions.  The Denton Creek learners also created their own “rocks” with crayon shavings, sang a song about the water cycle, and used a prism to separate light into all its visible colors.


Before creating their own exhibits, the VP@C learners had the privilege to go to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.  While there, they took notes on how this exceptional museum in downtown Dallas made their exhibits interactive so that they could incorporate those ideas into their museum.  Based on how well the day went with the third-graders, they successfully made their exhibits interactive, exciting, and educational.


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