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Coppell Cross Country Top 21 Girls and Boys Photographer: Andrea Hulcy

The Nike Cross Regional South took place at Bear Branch Park in The Woodlands on Saturday, November 18.  Cross Country clubs competing in the South Regional come from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mississippi.  All teenage Cross Country runners and clubs are welcome to participate.  Runners compete as a running club of 5-7 athletes or as individuals.  The Coppell running club took the top 21 runners from both the girls and boys Cross Country teams to compete on the Nike Cross Regionals South 5K course.

The Rising Stars race is only open to freshmen and sophomores.  The Girls Rising Star team finished 2nd overall in a field of 14 teams and 130 competitors.  Representing Coppell was Izzy Iseley (21:07.52), Sydney Rowe (21:37), Savannah Guiterrez (21:40.93), Catherine McKethan, Bernice David, and Zayna Siddiqui.  The Boys Rising Star team finished 9th overall in a field of 22 teams and 210 competitors.  Representing Coppell was Rith Bhattacharyya (18:06), Drew Scrivner (18:12.56), Chris Figueroa (18:34.45), Jordan Jauregui, Diego Acosta, Ethan Connell, and Jonathan Le.

The Championship race is open to the top 25 clubs in the Nike South region, a committee selects which teams are eligible to compete in the Championship race.  The Girls Championship team finished 7th overall in a field of 21 teams and 195 competitors.  Representing Coppell was Maddy Hulcy (18:59.04), Natalie Fleming (19:32.88), Morgan Colon (20:00.20), Rowan Hassman, Taylor Peltier, Shelby Spoor, and Ardi Saunders.  The Boys Championship team finished 13th overall in a field of 22 teams and 200 competitors.  Representing Coppell was Marcos Bohn (16:36.34), Kaz Carlsen-Phelan (16:53.24), AJ Rothwell (17:18.57), Grant Evans, Evan Caswell, Nathaniel Leach, and Garrett Freddo. 

The Open races are time seeded.  The Girls Open 1 team finished 9th overall in a field of 15 teams and 160 competitors.  Representing Coppell was Jimena Benavides (20:51.97), Kaitlin Reznicek (21:00.7), Dani Alfaro Flores (21:00.79), Catherine Kimball, Joni Goh, Mia Bohn, and Liana Karkabi.  The Boys Open 1 team finished 11th overall in a field of 21 teams and 190 competitiors.  Representing Coppell was Justin Chow (17:34.01), Cole Lindbeck (17:36.00), Santiago Escalante (17:46.33), William Heatherington, Drew Thompson, Tyler Sewell, and Mustafa Alrawi.

The Nike Cross Regional South marks the conclusion to the Coppell Cross Country season.  The Coppell distance runners will go into off season for the rest of 2017.  Training will ramp up in January to prepare for the 2018 Track season.

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