For parents and students applying to college for the first time, things can quickly get overwhelming and intimidating. At The Write Course for College, Lex Anne Seifert and Kate Klise will teach students how to properly fill out the Common Application, write essays and how to properly and politely ask for teacher recommendations.

The Write Course for College hosts seven-hour workshops at the Coppell YMCA with the workshop beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 4:00 p.m. During the workshop, students will fill out the Common Application - which is required by my most colleges and universities - completely and strategically.

Seifert and Klise will also give students tips and advice and help their students draft and revise a compelling personal essay that will set them apart from all the other applicants. And finally, students will be taught how to develop and manage a realistic timeline for meeting all their application deadlines.

Payment for a workshop is $250 per student and space for the workshops is limited, so it is recommended that students sign up early. On the day of the workshop, students should bring the following:

  • Blank spiral notebook and pen
  • High School transcript
  • Current resume
  • Bag lunch and beverage
  • News articles from reliable sources that are relevant to future career plans

To learn more or to register for their October 6 workshop, visit The Write Course for College website.