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Owners of the polish are encourages to tag the Taylor Blue hashtag on Instagram to help promote Taylor's Gift and organ donation. Photo by Jena Seidemann.

By Jena Seidemann, BubbleLife Intern

What began as a marketing sample turned into an overnight success as Coppell-based Taylor’s Gift paired up with OPI nail polish to create a new color: Taylor Blue.

Seventy percent of the proceeds the $10 polish makes will be donated to the cause. The price was determined so that it could cost a dollar per finger.

Within an hour and a half to two hours, J. Macklin’s and Zenzero bakery both sold out of the shipments they had been given. Some of the bottles were for Coppell while other bottles were shipped around North America to places like New York, California, New Jersey and even Canada. However, the color is only available through the organization, online or at the two stores.

Ordering an initial 1,000 bottles, Todd Storch, co-founder of Taylor’s Gift, asked the businesses to be distributors.

“J. Macklin’s and Zenzero were so gracious to be distribution points,” co-founder Tara Storch said. “We are so grateful.”

Todd Storch is a frequent customer at Zenzero for meetings and work. As soon as he asked for the bakery to distribute the polish, there was no question that they would.

“We did not hesitate,” Zenzero owner Ginger Blazek said. “We were more than happy to.”

The nail polish is yet another way to bring the community together for a good cause. When the Storches asked OPI for another shipment after selling out so fast, OPI was surprised.

“On Friday, they were so shocked when we asked for more,” Tara Storch said. “They do not realize the support the organization has.”

Orders bombarded Taylor’s Gift. Every three to four minutes, a new order was sent to them, and since the polish is in high demand, many people are constantly coming back to the two stores and asking when the next shipment will arrive.

“I want the nail polish so bad,” freshman Jamie Stivers said. “I’ll be able to represent Taylor everywhere I go, and it is a great way to support the organization.”

The possibility of Taylor Blue becoming a regular color for OPI could happen if people post on OPI’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets about how much they love the color with a hashtag #TaylorBlue. Not only would this help the polish succeed, but it would also promote the organization.

“It is obviously something people care about and support,” Zenzero bakery employee Ryan Raef said. “It is great to see the community come together.”

Along with promoting the organization through social media, Todd Storch has also worn the polish in support of Taylor’s Gift.

“[Todd and Tara’s] passion is for their daughter and it is just wonderful to see,” Blazek said. “If you put your heart into something, something is going to come out of it.”

The organization will embark on a book tour next week and will have the Taylor’s Gift Night with the Dallas Stars on March 29.