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Prom Flyer GracePoint Church in Coppell is hosting a safe after-prom lock-in for Coppell High School seniors and their dates. Photo courtesy of Andrea Navarro.

By Nikki Dabney, BubbleLife Intern

The Coppell High School prom is on Saturday, April 13 – only three weeks away. Boys are busy finding a date, girls are looking for that perfect dress and everyone is making after-prom plans. One CHS senior, Andrea Navarro, is promoting a safe and organized after-prom event.

“After homecoming this year, my friends and I talked about how we were worried about things we heard people were doing after prom,” Navarro said. “It was right after the memorial services [for two CHS seniors]...We wanted to think of a way to provide a safe environment where students don’t have to go home after prom and they can still be with their friends.”

Navarro talked with her friends and youth group leader Charley Hellmuth of GracePoint Church in Coppell and they decided to host a lock-in at Group Dymanix, the largest team development center of its kind in the nation.

“We were going to just do a lock-in here at the church, but we didn’t want to just sit around and talk all night,” Navarro said. “We wanted to have other activities to do, so we thought Group Dynamix would be perfect, and we decided to expand the event to non-GracePoint members.”

Because of the financial risk, someone has to put their name on the contract, so GracePoint stepped up and contracted 50 spots. The center can hold 250 people, and activities range from high-rope challenges, laser tag, zip lines and much more.

The party begins after prom at 1 a.m. and ends at 7 a.m. Tickets cost $40 per person. The event is open to all CHS seniors and anyone attending prom.

Right now, the event is grassroots and is getting broader exposure through the One Network, a community-wide effort for Christian unity made up of various Coppell area churches and youth ministries.

One Network is working on running the idea up the flagpole to Coppell ISD officials and hopes to set up a student-run table when prom tickets go on sale this week.

“CHS does something for graduation but doesn’t have anything organized for prom, so we want to step up and provide kids an alternative,” Hellmuth said. “Parents offer their lake houses; churches need to offer something else.”

“It only takes three seconds to make a life-changing choice,” Hellmuth said. “For decades, prom carries the stereotype as the night to make bad decisions. I want to help provide the opportunity to make good decisions.”

To register for the lock-in, click here.