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The Respira girls at the FAME competition in Branson. Photo Courtesy of Ali Lewis.

By Stephanie Alexander, BubbleLife Intern

Branson, Mo. is well-known for its theatrical attractions and country jubilees. What better place for a show choir competition to be held?

Coppell High School’s competitive show choir, Respira, went to the FAME competition in Branson along with three other high school choirs from around the country.

“The FAME competition is like an invitational,” choir director Josh Brown said. “You pay to go and participate and see how you compare to the other choirs.”

Respira is an all girl show choir that is filled with Coppell choir students. With about 30 girls in this new extracurricular activity, Branson was an exciting perk to having all those after school practices.

“Branson was such a different atmosphere, it was like completive cheer,” sophomore Ali Lewis said.  “There were choirs that were wearing track suits with their names on the back. They had costume changes with their performance too. We just showed up in our dresses and sang.”

This being Respira’s first year in the making, they were excited to play out what they have learned and rehearsed this past year.

“We didn't know we had to be competitive or anything, “ Lewis said.

The girls’ performance consisted of classic ballad renditions such as “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen and girl power songs like “Independent Woman” by Destiny’s Child and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper.

Respira placed in 4th, but they loved the trip regardless.

“I think they did great,” Brown said. “It was a great experience to go and it was a great experience working with them all year.”

Branson is not the only location that FAME uses for competitions.

“There are competitions all over the U.S.,” Brown said. “The very top ranked choirs get invited to compete to the national competition which is in Chicago. We didn't want to do that as our first time though. We wanted to see if our kids enjoyed it and if it was something we would be successful in. We are definitely going to try again next year.”