Brad Henderson – Guest Contributor
Jan 26 2019
Hi Neighbors,
My name is Kyler Henderson in Coppell Troop 840 Boy Scouts.
Troop 840 is having their annual mulch sale. If you need mulch, we would very much appreciate it if you bought from Troop 840. The money we make from this goes to the cost of the camping trips that we take especially the summer camps.
There are 4 types of mulch for sale hardwood, red color, black color, and cedar- Living earth brand. Cost of mulch is $5 a bag. The delivery is free and for an additional cost of $2.50 per bag we will spread it for you. The mulch will be delivered throughout the day on March 5th and the optional spreading will be on March 6th.
The deadline for orders is Monday February 11. Either cash or checks is accepted at the time of ordering. Spreading will happen Feb 22-24 and March 2-3.
Please print off the order the attached form for instructions.
Thank you again,
Kyler Henderson
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