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Reindeer cupcakes are just a taste of Stivers' creativity. She makes cupcakes for birthdays, parties and other events. Photo courtesy of Jamie Stivers.

By Jena Seidemann, BubbleLife Intern

Teens finding their first job is a common milestone, but Coppell High School freshman Jamie Stivers decided to take it a step further by having her own cupcake business.

Baked in the ovens of her very own house, she whips up almost any flavor of cupcake you can think of. The creative flavors stem from cookbooks and experimenting.  

Jamie started getting into the baking world at around 10 years old thanks to TLC’s baking shows. Since she is involved with multiple sports, she has to find a way to balance and manage her time.

“If I do not have a volleyball tournament on the weekends, I am most likely baking,” Jamie said.  

However, during club and school volleyball, Jamie does not have time to bake, but according to her parents, she manages time really well.

Her love of baking spread to her family and friends who eventually encouraged her to sell the delicious sweets. Cakes were too complicated at the time she decided to start baking.

“Trying to complete and decorate an entire cake was really hard since we did not have all the equipment that you need in the house,” Jamie said. “So I started making cupcakes instead because they are smaller, but you could still have fun decorating them. There were more opportunities for me to make cupcakes, especially for treats at school."

Although the business is just starting out, it has approximately two to three orders a month for various events such as birthdays, parties and even large orders for hotels.

Her largest order to date was 150 cupcakes for the Mansion Residence’s annual picnic to thank the Mansion on Turtle Creek hotel employees and vendors for their hard work. With Jamie’s mother being a vendor, she was able to tell Nancy Allen, the hotel’s general manager, how delicious her cupcakes were.

“When her mom first told us about [the cupcakes], we thought we would try them, but we were not expecting them to be so good,” Allen said.

Allen, alongside other members of the staff, sampled six flavors of cupcakes and chose to have three of them at the party, including her favorite flavor Oreo.

At the party, people were amazed at the delicious cupcakes Stivers had made. They even asked for her contact information in case they needed cupcakes for an event. Jamie promotes her business with cards and an Instagram account. Only being a freshman in high school, her skills were impressive to many.

“We were amazed someone her age could come up with what she did,” Allen said. “They were absolutely delicious.”

Since her cupcakes were such a big hit, Jamie will be providing for the next picnic.

Jamie’s parents were very involved with their daughter’s baking. They helped her calculate costs and figure out how much profit she was making.

“We laid out for her how much it would cost, how much it costs to produce and how much time and labor,” Mr. Stivers said. “ It was almost a hobby, so time and labor was not calculated.”

One of the greatest benefits Jamie gains from making cupcakes is the joy she brings to others.

“I have a lot of fun when I bake, and it is a good stress reliever,” Jamie said. “It is fun to see people’s faces when they see the decorations on the cupcakes, and it makes me happy to see other people happy because of something I did.”