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Coppell 6th graders having a fundraising drive for Pajamas for Seniors
Coppell Girl Scout Troop 2763 collected 57 pairs of pajamas to donate to the North Texas non-profit Pajamas for Seniors. These 6th graders really learned a lot about seniors, their needs and how the generosity of our community can make a big difference. 
Girl Scouts of North East Texas partnered with Pajamas for Seniors to give our troop this badge earning learning opportunity.  The troop created an amazon wishlist full of pajamas and then had a "senior angel tree" at the Coppell Farmers Market, where people could either physically take a card from the tree with donation/drop off instructions, or they could scan a QR code and go straight to the amazon wishlist of pjs and they were shipped straight to us.  (Lots of people loved this digital option because they didn't have time to go get pjs).  Visitors to the Coppell Farmers Market were so kind and generous when visiting our table. Many sharing stories about their experience with Girl Scouts or how serving those in need is valuable to our community. The girls also shared this opportunity with some of their family and friends who helped support the cause. 
Soon after,  pajamas started rolling in and in total the girls collected 57 pairs of pajamas.  Next the girls gathered together and Rachel led them in some research about seniors and the nonprofit organization, Pajamas for Seniors. The organization serves low in come seniors in local area nursing homes. The girls decided every pair of pajamas needed a little extra TLC from the troop.  They wrote a note for each pair and the moms helped tie the ribbon around each set in hopes of bringing a smile to the face of the recipient. These were delivered to the Pajamas for Seniors headquarters in McKinney ready to be given to a special senior citizens in need.