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Vote Davin Bernstein in the Coppell Runoff

Early voting begins today at Town Center- Davin Bernstein for Coppell!

  • 8am - 5pm M-TH this week!
  • 7am-7pm Friday May 28
  • 8am-5pm Sat May 29
  • 1pm-6pm Sun May 30
  • No voting Monday May 31
  • 7am-7pm Tuesday June1

Vote early for better representation on city council. Davin is the most experienced candidate in this race, with the range of experiences we need on our City Council. Please remember to vote at Town Center for the one candidate wanting to listen to citizens before committing the city to major projects. Our Budget has taken a hit in the past year - Bernstein wants to be sure we grow smartly in the future!

Why a runoff? Although Bernstein got the most votes in the May 1 election, 50%+1 is needed to win, so a runoff is needed.

What has Bernstein done?  Long involved in Boards within the city and his HOA, Bernstein has served the community for many years.  He is a creative thinker who wants to bring fresh solutions to developing our 2040 Plan. He has a professional background to develop tactics that fulfill the broader strategy - all with community support and involvement. He has consistently shown up at major (and minor) decisions that affect citizens in order to advocate for better analysis of decisions made by and for Coppell.

Bernstein wants the city to conduct the analysis needed to determine if we can increase the homestead exemption and lower property taxes.  We need the discipline to commit to exploring how we can deliver on the issue that matters to most residents. 

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