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Coppell ISD Education Foundation Give for Grants Program Provides Classroom Support

The Coppell ISD Education Foundation (CEF) Give for Grants initiative provides donors a means to give funds directly to teacher grants of their choice. The Give for Grants program offers flexibility, ease of use and will increase funding given directly to classrooms in Coppell ISD (CISD).

The CEF supports the educators in CISD through their annual grant program. The Classroom Grant Program is designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize, and reward effective, innovative, and creative, instructional approaches that directly impact students while transforming classroom learning. Last year, the Give for Grants program funded all grants totaling $42,000. The Give for Grants program allows parents, educators, and community members to donate at any giving amount directly to a specific grant of their choosing. Whether a donor would like to support a specific campus, specific educator or a specific project, the Give for Grants program gives donors the flexibility of choice.

Donors can select specific grants to support financially through the website.  The donation window will be open from October 1 through 31. The donation process is simple:

1. Choose the campus

2. Select the grant to support

3. Donate at any giving amount and make an impact

This year, 10 grants were submitted by educators totaling more than $70,000. As we look to recover from the learning complexities of last year, funding these ideas will help student success. The goal of the Give for Grants program is to make a lasting impact in the classrooms in CISD. Together with individual donations and the funds raised by the CEF, more grants will be funded transforming the learning in CISD. The CEF will continue to financially support the grants as in years past through donations raised in other fundraising efforts.


Wednesday, October 13, 2021