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The Assistance League of Coppell is sponsoring a new children’s picture book drive for the USO at DFW Airport. Citizens can help troops deploying through the airport by donating brand new children’s picture books for the USO’s United through Reading Program. A donation box is located in the lobby of the William T. Cozby Public Library in Coppell, 177 N. Heartz Rd., during the month of October.

According to the USO website: “All service members are encouraged to visit our United Through Reading Room where they can select a book for each of their children and record themselves reading it. Our USO Volunteers will ship the DVD of the recording and the book to the children for the service members. We can only use new books because we send them as a gift to the families. You may also donate DVDs that we can burn the recordings on.”

The DFW Airport USO reported that new children’s books are definitely needed. Donations are down and the library shelves are emptying because people think that all deployments have ceased which is far from the case. This USO serves soldiers who are deploying anywhere in the world, so although the numbers have decreased, soldiers will always be deploying, and the books will be needed as long as the United through Reading Program continues

The new children’s book drive is coordinated by the Assistance League of Coppell in partnership with the library and the USO. Each Assistance League chapter is encouraged to choose a local charity as the recipient of children’s books for National Make a Difference Day on October 26. Last year the Coppell chapter donated 100 books to CCA in Lewisville for their Christmas Store. For more information see 

Lynette Fortson, coordinator of the ALC book drive (submitted by Shelley Minnis PR)

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