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Coppell Senior, Andres Abrego Guerra, competes in Boys Varsity 800 meters.

The Coppell High School Track and Field Team participated in its first meet of the 2017 season on Saturday, February 18.  The team participated in the Carrollton Trojan Relays at Standridge Stadium in Carrollton with 15 high school teams participating from the area.

The Varsity Boys had a strong showing and placed 1st overall at the meet.  Team leaders were Senior, Zach Dicken, and Junior, Phillip Frank.  Dicken finished 3rd in the 200 meters, 2nd in the 400 meters, 1st in the Long Jump, and 3rd in the Triple Jump.  Frank placed 3rd in the 110 meter and 300 meter hurdles, and 2nd in the high jump.  Top finishers in other events included Senior, Andres Abrego Guerra, 3rd in the 800 meters; Senior, Alan Huo, 3rd in the 1600 meters; Senior, Nathan Sims, 3rd in the 3200 meters; Senior, Trever Larson, 2nd in the Pole Vault.   The 4x400m relay team placed 1st and the 4x200m relay placed 2nd.

JV Boys also placed 1st at the meet.  Athletes with 1st place finishes included Junior, Nathan Arispe, 100 meters; Sophomore, Trevor Stange, Shot Put; Junior, Corey Fields, Discus; Junior, Matthew Dicken, Triple Jump and Long Jump.  Junior, Matteo Agius-d’arrigo, placed 2nd in the 800 meters and 1600 meters.  Other top finishers included Freshman, Semir Thorpe, 2nd in the 100 meters; Sophomore, Justin Chow, 3rd in the 800 meters; Junior, Quinn Proctor, 3rd in 1600 meters; Sophomore, Jaden Walker, 3rd in the 400 meters; Sophomore, Garrett Freddo, 3rd in 3200 meters; Sophomore, Wyatt Klawiter, 2nd in the Discus.  The 4x200m and 4x400m relay teams both placed 1st; and the 4x100m relay team placed 2nd.

Junior Varsity Girls placed 2nd overall at the meet.  Team leaders included Junior, Rebecca Copple, 1st place in 100m and 300m hurdles; Freshman, Sikyra Castle, 1st in the 400 meters and 2nd in the 200 meters; Freshman, Nicole Obialo, 1st in Shot Put.  Other top finishes included Freshman, Sydney Rowe, 2nd in 1600 meters; Freshman, Shelby Spoor, 3rd in the 3200 meters; Senior, Abigail Myer, 2nd in the Discus; Freshman, Gracie Ladusau, 2nd in the Pole Vault; and Freshman, Kennedi Rogers, 3rd in the Triple Jump.

Varsity Girls finished 5th out of 14 teams.  Team leaders included Senior, Emily Pridgen, 1st in Pole Vault; Senior, Claire Barden, 2nd in Shot Put; Sophomore, Maddie Hulsey, 3rd place in the 1600 meters and 3200 meters; Junior, Rachel Okereke, 3rd in the Triple Jump.

The team travels to McKinney Boyd Invitational on Saturday.

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