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A few weeks ago, we asked the members of Coppell BubbleLife to vote for their favorite parks in the area. Although we got a handful of suggestions, Coppell's Grapevine Springs Park claimed first place with 36% percent of the votes. 

Grapevine Springs is actually more than just a park: it's a historic preserve. Even though it is surrounded by urban development, the land is home to quite a bit of historical significance. Sam Houston camped there when he was negotiating with local Native Americans, and people have traveled to view the area for hundreds of years. The park takes its name from the springs that flow into the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. 

Nowadays, the park has picnic tables and cooking grills so that the modern family can really enjoy the area. There are clean restroom facilities as well, so spending all day outdoors isn't too big of a deal. Some say that if you tread carefully near the creek, you can find cool sea shells and fossils. It's truly a place the whole family can enjoy.

It's pretty easy to see why this unique park garnered so many votes from locals. So, why do you love Grapevine Springs?