Young Men’s Service League of Coppell welcomes the class of 2021, inducted May 1st of 2017!  The Coppell Chapter of YMSL was established in 2011.  YMSL is comprised of 117 mothers and 132 sons in grades nine through twelve that are dedicated to serving local philanthropies.  Membership for both moms and boys includes mandatory volunteer hours, a portion of which they commit to serve together.  

As volunteers, the boys and moms are in a unique position to give of their time locally.  Many contribute in the hope that as these young men grow and move through their lives, they will continue to give back to their communities.  The various community organizations have a high rate of return on the emotional scale as participants are frequently able to see the results of their contributions immediately.  Two of these are Rise Adaptive Sports and Cornerstone Clothes Closet and Kitchen:

 “I really enjoyed working with RISE aquatics because I got to help grown men with special needs be able to do something they can’t normally do like water ski and tube!  You could tell by the look on their faces that they loved it.  For some of them it was their first time experiencing water sports.” – credit Skylar Stricker with YMSL

“I absolutely LOVED working with Cornerstone preparing the meal at VRBC and taking it to Dallas to feed the homeless.  It was awesome seeing how much they appreciated it!” – credit YMSL mom, Amanda Stricker

As the summer comes to a close, the Young Men’s Service League of Coppell can count 2,062 volunteer hours to twenty organizations that service Coppell and the surrounding cities.