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Six years ago, while out of state at college, my parents Skyped me on a Saturday afternoon.  I was greeted by the sight of a little tannish puppy, sniffing everything and wagging a tiny little tail.  We named him Tanner!  My parents had rescued him through the Coppell Humane Society.

Just two days after his adoption, my parents noticed that Tanner couldn’t see a tennis ball thrown his way.  After vet visits and tears, my parents discovered Tanner was mostly blind due to canine juvenile cataracts.  He needed double eye surgery.  Canine cataract surgery is expensive, and didn’t fit the budget of a family paying college tuition.  That’s when the Coppell Humane Society decided to rescue Tanner again, by covering the cost of his surgery! 

My dad’s testimonial:

“Coppell Humane Society helped our puppy see again!  Thank you CHS!!  Tanner brings us so much joy, and now he can see our smiling faces.  And, you know, I believe he smiles right back at us.”

My dad and I started doing some volunteer work for CHS.  We met devoted and caring people along with wonderful dogs and cats.  Last year both my dad and I were elected board members.  I learned that our animals receive the kindest care in the world through foster families.  CHS doesn’t have a shelter and relies entirely on foster families for our rescues.  In fact, over the last 25 years, CHS has rescued over 7,000 dogs and cats.  We believe pets housed in foster homes make the best pets and that’s why we’re recruiting more foster families.

Foster families are the foundation of our program and the integral connection between intake and adoption.  Foster families report a sense of happiness and pride in their ability to care for a dog or cat.  Many times a foster family shares the wonder of watching a young animal who is just learning how to see the world.  Other times a foster family has the opportunity to give a pet a second chance when their original family can no longer care for them.  Every time, the foster family learns about the personality of their pet which helps us match them with the right forever home.

But, unfortunately, as the holiday season approaches, our foster families are out of room to shelter any more of the local animals in need.  We are looking for more foster families to prepare local dogs and cats for adoption.  CHS covers all expenses of fostering an animal.  We just need your loving home.  There is such a dire need for local-area animal-lovers to save the day!  It has become increasingly difficult to see these animals put down at local shelters and that is why we are making this plea for foster families to our community!

If you are interested in fostering or just learning more about what fostering involves, please contact us at  The life you save will bring holiday joy to a family for years to come.