The Coppell Community Chorale will perform "Requiem" by Gabriel Fauré in a special community performance on Feb. 27 at 7PM. This one time concert will also feature two premiers: the winner of the Chorale’s first Composition Contest: “I Know That You Are With Me” by musician Ed Darling, and a world premiere orchestral piece by Composer Duilio Dobrin, “Requiem para Pia".

 Faure composed his "Mass for the Dead" in 1877; it is an exceptionally beautiful piece of music, originally written to provide solace for those who had lost a loved one. For centuries, the "Requiem" has moved, comforted and inspired audiences around the world.  Dobrin’s “Requiem para Pia” was written in 2016 to honor his mentor Pia Sebastiani, a renowned Argentinian pianist and composer, who died in July 2015.   “Pia was a great pianist, pedagogue, and my second mother, as I looked forward to directing Faure’s Requiem, I thought of Pia and knew a work honoring her would be a great opening to the Concert” Dobrin stated about his work. 

 Another special work that will be featured at the concert is by retired engineer and song writer, Ed Darling, called, “I Know That You Are With Me”.   Ed Darling was announced as the winner of the Chorale’s First Composition Contest this past January and will be presented with a check at the performance.  He has enjoyed music his entire life, but has had no special training in composition.  He receives personal pleasure in the creative process and has had the honor of collaborating with the legendary Tom Merriman in the past.  "It is rare to see music come to life knowing you have breathed those very words into a song,” Darling told the Chorale's search committee.  It is the first time the Chorale has sought to sponsor the creation of original music in furtherance of its mission, to bring a love of music and song to the community.

 Both “Requiem para Pia” and “I Know That You Are With Me” utilize the orchestration of Faure’s Requiem, and the Chorale is delighted that members of the Irving Symphony Orchestra and organist Euhna Chang will also be performing in this wonderful concert.  Furthermore, highlights of the performance will be soloists Lisa Wells and Laura Sanders from the Chorale, Alexandria Chambers and Ajay Torres from the choir of the Westminster Presbyterian Church and Johnny Salvesen of Fort Worth.

The Coppell Community Chorale will also be joined in this performance by choir members of the First United Methodist Church of Coppell and the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Dallas.   This free concert will begin at 7 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church Coppell.  This event is lovingly sponsored by the family of Joy Lea Kincade, in honor of her memory.

Currently under the direction of Duilio Dobrin, the Chorale is entering its 30th year.  It has been regularly performing in Coppell since 1986 and has had many notable Coppellians as members over the years.  Currently, this approximately 40 person choir performs themed concert weekends in May and November, in addition to two Community concerts at Christmas time and in February.  It rehearses Monday nights in Coppell during the school year.   Dobrin took directorial command of the Chorale beginning with the 2014-15 season.  Dobrin, a world-renowned director and composer, has pushed the Chorale in all areas of its musicality.  Every member has felt the personal and group growth he has fostered.  In addition, as they gear up for their big 30th year celebrations, the Chorale has striven to increase its presence in the north Texas and particularly Coppell community.  This drive will be highlighted at the February 27th concert.

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