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Mr. Rodriguez and Vaibhav Sudhaker

What a great end of the year celebration!

Six Weeks Genius Award Recipient:  Our genius awards are given to learners who have shown excellent displays of the life principles we strive for here at Turning Point. Congratulations Vaibhav Sudhakar! Every morning, we are greeted a with a vibrant, “Good Morning,” from Vaibhav. This positive and courteous demeanor travels with him throughout the day where he can be seen happily helping his fellow learners. His warm personality makes everyone feel included. He shows a sincere interest in his classmates, often engaging them in conversations on how their day is going. On more than one occasion, he has stopped his coursework and offered to help others with math questions. Likewise, he shows dedication to his own course work. Vaibhav is a very bright student, but he does not rest his success on this. He seeks out his educator’s help. Not necessarily because he needs it, but because he enjoys the process of learning and talking through his thoughts on assignments with his teachers. Whether it is in an Edgenuity course or a Genius hour lesson, Vaibhav strives to go above and beyond to excel in everything that he does. During our sustainability unit, he delved into the impact of pesticides and herbicides on our environment with depth and complexity as well as technological expertise. The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said, “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” Vaibhav embraces this message everyday through his thirst for knowledge and thoughtful interactions with others.

Congratulations to our 6th Six Weeks Graduates: Joshua Bachhofer, Morgan Cloer, Ryan Drewa, Jordan Frye, Cassie Gibson, Baylee Hux, Jared Kennedy, Jaylen Kinnon, Tyreke Price, Warren Shaw, and Trevor Stevenson

Congratulations to our A/B Honor Roll Learners: Josh Hewlett, Jared Kennedy, Vaibhav Sudhakar, Jasper Zhang

Congratulations to Learners with Perfect Attendance: Jasper Zhang, Subhekshya Khanal

Thank you to our Celebration guest speakers: Mrs. Yakubovsky, Mother of 2017 TP Graduate and Kryslyn Autrey - 2017 Graduate.



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