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10U Coppell Cowboys Red Back Row (l-r): Head Coach Mike Stevens, Coach/Instructor Derek Brandow, Coach Sean Minnick Second Row (l-r): Will "T-Rex" Trevathan, Will "The Thrill" Stevens, Nate "Terminator" Cook, Brandon "Big Breakfast" Livingston, "Dr." Drew Minnick First Row (l-r): "Iron" Caden Forsythe, Grant "G-Money" Gilbert, Zander "Z-Man" Zeff, Caleb "CK-1" Klibert, Braden "Playmaker" Stokes

The Coppell Cowboys 10U Red didn't have to go shopping for Father's Day this year. They delivered the 10AA championship for the USSSA Trophy Hunter Tournament in Colleyville on June 19.

The Cowboys won 6-4 against the Colleyville Elite to claim their second championship in as many weeks.

Nate "Terminator" Cook received the nod from Coach Derek Brandow for the championship start.  He pitched 3 2/3 innings of 3-hit ball while striking out nine.  With the tying run in the on-deck circle, Nate gave way to Will "The Thrill" Stevens.  The Colleyville Elite were still not going quietly.  Emotions grew high as the potential winning run reached the batter’s box.  Stevens got the sign and threw the pitch. The batter stroked a hard grounder to the right side. Second baseman Zander "Z-Man" Zeff attacked the ball, scooped it up on a hop and threw it to first for the out and the championship. 

During pool and bracket play, the Cowboys never relinquished the lead. The Cowboys won their pool games 15-2 and 15-6. During bracket play, the Cowboys won their first game 19-2.

In the semifinal, the Cowboys beat the NTX Bandits 12-5. Brandon "Big Breakfast" Livingston acted out his scene from the movie, The Natural, smashing a two-run home run over the fence that broke a bulb in the scoreboard. The home run staked the Cowboys to a 3-0 lead. Livingston pitched four innings of 3 hit ball while striking out eight. Stevens closed the door pitching the final frame after the Cowboys offense exploded for 7 runs in the top of the inning. 

Will “T-Rex” Trevathan was a wall behind the plate, catching both the semi-final and championship game. Trevathan also dominated on offense, going 9-13 and driving in a team high 10 runs in five games.

The Cowboys played aggressive baseball during all five games of the tournament. With one player on vacation and Braden “Playmaker” Stokes limited by injury to only hitting (he went 8-10 in four games), the Cowboys were left with nine players that played every inning, never taking a break during the heat.

They all played tough. They all played hard. It was an awesome Father's Day Weekend.