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Congratulations to all of our Turning Point third six weeks award recipients!

Our genius awards are given to learners who have shown excellent displays of the life principles we strive for here at Turning Point.

  • Pranav Venkateswaren:   Someone said, “I'm humble enough to know I'm not better than anyone else, but wise enough to know I'm different from the rest.” We feel this describes this Genius Award recipient, Pranav Venkateswaran. It has been noted by our staff that Pranav is humble and respectful with both learners and educators and dedicated to understanding his classes like Pre-Calculus.  During his preparation for his presentation on his time in Turning Point, Pranav was reflective in the way he saw his life, the reasons he decided to apply here and his goals after graduation. We saw his quiet disposition turn into a thoughtful presentation with a bit of humor only seldom heard from him. His pride in spending time with his family, the way he admires and respects his parents and the goal in wanting to follow in his parents’ footsteps are admirable qualities.  Pranav is different from the rest. His star glows quietly until he allows it to shine out on others and then we are all in awe of his humility, respectfulness and dedication.

  • Mya Huff:  Jesse Jackson once said “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up.” We feel this quote best expresses the kindness, caring and compassionate attitude this learner shows for her fellow learners and the VP@C staff. She strives to find the best in her fellow learners and is always eager to help new learners as they adjust to the Turning Point program. She is kind and respectful to staff and there is never an instance when she leaves an educator’s desk without saying thank you and expressing her appreciation for what we do. This attitude extends toward our entire Turning Point program as she strives to meet all expectations and speaks highly of our school as an alternative to a large high school. Her attitude is exemplified by her dedication to her coursework and her commitment to complete homework. This learner displays effort in her coursework by taking good notes and asking thoughtful questions. She is usually ahead in her courses with good grades and takes her education seriously. Whenever the situation arises Mya is always ready to help out, ready to be the first one to answer a question and ready to volunteer. She was the key person to help organize and maintain the classroom library. This learner has goals for her future and I know she will make great strides in the area of mental health awareness and helping others. Please join me in celebrating the genius of our Turning Point learner, Mya Huff.

  • Congratulations to our A/B Honor Roll Learners:  Judith Hernandez, Leah Nagalla

  • Congratulations to learners with perfect attendance:  Kylun Lawson, Nancy Santoyo, Pranav Venkateswaran

  • Congratulations to the VP@C Team Member of the Six Weeks:  Jennie Allison

    Mrs. Allison is such a joy to work with! She is always upbeat and in a positive mood. You can feel her warm, welcoming attitude and positive energy as she greets the learners outside as they arrive to school each day, which helps set the tone for our learners! Mrs. Allison’s positive demeanor brings an important attribute to the classroom. It encourages both educators and learners to spread the “niceness” contributing to a respectful classroom atmosphere. She encourages her fellow educators to cheer successes daily. It was Mrs. Allison who consistently added the group applause for learners who complete courses and get A’s and B’s on coursework. She is supportive to her coworkers as well, writing them both notes and verbally praising their contributions. As a new team member, she puts in the extra work to make sure she fully understands whatever projects, assignments, or tasks are laid out in front of her, all while continuously practicing the life principles of effort and courtesy. Mrs. Allison is always willing to volunteer for tasks to contribute to the team. She has revised the format for the lexicon for next semester by creating thinking maps to assist our learners in their vocabulary building activities. She has also added a self-monitoring component for learners by creating a guide to help them attain their character building goals, as well as their academic and personal goals. She has stepped up to reorganize the learner’s Genius binder. Mrs. Allison goes above and beyond to assist learners in their studies and volunteers to help with any task or project that arises. Currently, she is in the process of making an eye catching word wall to draw our learners attention to the words we have learned each six weeks. Mrs. Allison is creative as evidenced by the wonderful ideas that she has for implementing our Great Expectations culture, as well as the wonderful creative dishes she prepares for staff functions. She has a cheerful, pleasant and caring disposition that has a positive effect on everyone in her presence.  Her "positivity" and willingness to help with any tasks at hand make Mrs. Allison a valued member of the VP@C team and a wonderful co-worker for our staff and a fantastic educator for our learners. We are so lucky to share her Genius!!

  • A special thank you to our speaker MaryBeth Dendy, 2017 Turning Point Graduate!

  • Congratulations to our CISD GEM (Great Educators Matter) Recipients:  Lauren Muir and Lynne Ryan

    Coppell ISD recognizes outstanding employees who serve the mission of the district in a manner that exceeds their job expectations - those who go “above and beyond the call of duty”. This recognition is known as the GEM Award - Great Educators Matter.  Ms. Muir and Mrs. Ryan were nominated by their peers here at Victory Place @ Coppell and made it through the next level of approval by the district panel. They were recognized and received their awards this past Monday night at the School Board Meeting. Their names will also be added to the “Wall of Honor” in the district’s Vonita White Administration Building. Congratulations and thank you for being a Great Educator.