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The Coppell High School Band will participate in the St Patrick’s Day Parade in London, 2016.

Coppell, TX – Attendees of the Coppell Farmers Market will be able to see and hear the award-winning Coppell High School Band, including the color guard, on Saturday August 15th. The band will perform from 9am to 9:45am, and 10:15am to 11am. The market is located in Old Town Coppell, at 768 W Main St, Coppell.
In spring 2016, the band will proudly represent Coppell in the London St Patrick’s Day Parade, and will give a concert performance at Westminster’s Great Hall. The CHS Band is fundraising toward the cost of their exciting trip, as well as other band expenses.
At the Coppell Farmers Market on August 15th, a selection of the CHS Band will play a collection of popular songs and take donations for special song requests. The CHS Band Boosters will have a booth with more information about the band and its fundraising programs.
For more information on the award-winning Coppell High School Band and Color Guard, go to the band website at

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