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The City of Coppell has listed information about how to prevent snake bites on its website since there has been an increase in the amount of snake sightings in North Texas because of the mild winter.

Copperhead snakes and rat snakes are two of the most common snakes that have been reported in the Dallas area. Out of the two, the copperhead is the only venomous snake, but people should not attempt to pick up either.

Here is some information to help you avoid a snake bite, according to the City of Coppell:

  • Be careful "where you step, put your hands, or sit down."
  • Common places venomous snakes can be found are rocks, wood piles and sunny areas where they can hide.
  • Below the knee is where about 99 percent of snake bites occur — most happen near the ankle.
  • Snake fangs almost never go through leather boots or shoes.
  • Through they typically stay away from "huge" human bodies, snakes will attack if they feel trapped or get stepped on.
  • Immediately call 911 if a snake bite occurs.

People should exercise caution when moving items such as logs, boards and old tin because copperhead snakes have gray and/or brown bands on their bodies and copper-colored heads that help them blend into their environments. Rather than attacking, copperhead snakes bite, and most bites occur as result of when someone accidentally grabs or sits down on a snake because he or she did not see it or realize it was a snake.

Do not hesitate to call Coppell's Animal Services Division at (972) 304-3515 if you find a snake in your residence.