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Nov 9 2016
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The 7th East Broncos hosted their cross-town rivals (THE West Wranglers) at Buddy Echols field on Monday.  Weather, however, allowed these special 7th graders to play their game in a special place… The Indoor.  Any time two Coppell middle schools face off against each other, it is destined to be a great game – and add the unique venue to the mix, and you can guarantee a good night.

B-team started off the night, and both teams showed their defensive dominance.  Both East and West traded off defensive stands.  The Broncos finally found the end zone and put the only points of the game up on the virtual scoreboard.  Defense and field position continued to control the entire game.  Final score was Broncos 8, Wranglers 0.  Player of the game honors go to Svayam Sharma for his hard running.

Continued weather caused the A-team game to also be played in the Indoor.  Both East and West were poised and prepared for a fight.  A forced fumble and determination put West on the board first.  A slugfest continued throughout the first half leaving the victor status still in the balance.  After the half, the Broncos were able to build a lead over the Wranglers thanks to a couple of deep balls and some hard rushing yards.  The usual Bronco firepower showed out, and the defense began to make its stand.  Final score was Broncos 26, Wranglers 13.  A special shout out goes to our “designated kneeler” (Noah Wafford) as he made a huge run late in the game only to be told to take a knee on the play after.  Thanks Noah.  Player of the game honors go to Andrew Nelson for making huge catches when we needed them most.

Great job Broncos!  What a way to finish an excellent season.  B-team finished with a 5-3 record, and A-team finished 2nd in district with a win-loss record of 7-1.

Bigger and better things will come next year.  Keep grinding!

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